May 17, 2018

Sweep成為OneTen系列賽官方輪胎供應商 / Sweep to be official tire supplier for OneTen series

在2018/19賽季由Infinity冠名的OneTen華人電房系列賽即將開啓之際,OneTen賽會極為高興地宣佈Sweep Racing將成為本賽季的公發輪胎供應商。這個韓國品牌多年來持續贊助全球各大重要賽事,包括即將在加利福尼亞舉行的Reedy Race。他們將在整個賽季的四站比賽中為Modified組與Stock組提供廣受歡迎的QTS和EXP系列輪胎。本賽季的首站將於10月6-7日(新日期)在上海RCI V2賽車場舉行,這將是本賽季唯一的一場地毯賽事。Sweep同時也是本賽季三站室外瀝青場地賽事的公發胎水供應商,本賽季的第二站將於今年十二月初在香港舉辦,之後再於次年一月移師廣州舉行第三站比賽;最後一站將在三月回歸香港,收官整個賽季。公發輪胎將於開賽前一周在各比賽場地有售,每位賽員也將在報名時得到一套免費的輪胎。


The organisers of the new 2018/19 OneTen Chinese EP Racing Series presented by Infinity are extremely pleased to announce Sweep Racing as the official handout tire supplier for the series. With a long history of supporting major series and races around the World, including the upcoming Reedy Race in California, the Korean brand will supply their popular QTS and EXP range of tires for both the Modified and Stock classes at all 4 rounds of the championship which kicks off on October 6-7 (updated date) at RCI V2 in Shanghai, the only carpet race of the season. Sweep will also be the official handout additive supplier for the 3 outdoor asphalt races, the series going outdoor from round 2 in Hong Kong in December before moving to Guangzhou in January for round 3 and ending back in Hong Kong in March. Tires will be available trackside at all venues in the week leading up to each event and each entrant receives one free set with their entry.

More information, along with details on how to enter, can be found here.