June 4, 2018

Scorpion成為OneTen系列賽官方動力供應商 / Scorpion to power the OneTen series

在2018/19賽季由Infinity冠名的OneTen華人電房系列賽即將開啓之際,OneTen賽會極為高興地宣佈Scorpion Power System成為本賽季Stock組別的公發馬達供應商。這個競爭極其激烈的組別將使用香港頂級品牌出品的13.5T馬達,而這種黑金配色的馬達也可以在包括ETS在內的世界各大系列事中見到。OneTen系列賽的首站將於10月6-7日(新日期)在上海RCI V2賽車場舉行;緊接著於今年十二月初在香港舉辦第二站,之後再於次年一月移師廣州舉行第三站比賽;最後一站將在三月回歸香港,收官整個賽季。Scorpion公發馬達可以在每一站比賽時買到,每位首次參賽的選手可以特價購買一顆公發馬達。


The organisers of the 2018/19 OneTen Series presented by Infinity are extremely pleased to announce Scorpion Power System as the official supplier of handout motors for the Stock class. This highly competitive class will be run with identical 13.5T motors from this well respected Hong Kong based brand, joining other well known race series around the World such as the ETS to run the famous gold and black power plants. The OneTen series kicks off on in Shanghai at RCI V2 on October 6-7 before going to Hong Kong in December for round 2, then on to Guangzhou in January for round 3 and ending back in Hong Kong in March. Scorpion handout motors will be available at each event with each entrant to the Stock class receiving one with their first entry.

More information, along with details on how to enter, can be found here.