August 23, 2018

OneTen系列赛启用一周双赛制 / OneTen Series set for double headers

由Infinity冠名的OneTen華人電房系列賽賽會正式公佈2018/19賽季的全新賽制。本賽季的比賽將於今年10月至明年3月在四個車場分別舉行,每個車場都將舉辦2輪分站賽。有別於傳統的貫穿整個週末的賽程,我們為分別在週六和周日舉行的兩輪分站賽特別引入了不同的賽制。週六的比賽將聚焦於長達6分鐘的預賽和三輪4分鐘的決賽。周日的預賽時間變短,但輪次更多;決賽則變為8分鐘的單輪決賽,同時設有晉級機制。賽會希望這樣的賽制能夠激勵賽員們在每一站比賽中採用不同的戰術,包括車架設定與操控方式等。同時,連賽兩場能夠給賽員們多一次機會爭取更好的積分。聯賽總排名選取8輪比賽中最好的5輪積分進行計算;每個週末兩輪比賽的排名相加,每個組別排名前20位的車手都會獲得獎杯。每一輪比賽限定報名人數為100名。第一輪和第二輪比賽將於10月6日-7日在上海RCI V2賽車場舉行,報名通道現已正式開啓,您可以點擊此處在線報名也可以聯繫RCI V2直接報名。

The organisers of the OneTen series presented by Infinity are delighted to announce our timetable for the 2018/19 season. With the series run at 4 different locations between October and March, each venue will play host to two rounds of the championship. Aiming to get away from the traditional race format played out over a weekend, we have introduced a new schedule that sees both the Saturday and Sunday rounds run to different formats. Saturday will see a focus on longer qualifiers of 6 minutes and short 4 minute triple finals while Sunday has shorter qualifiers, but more of them, and a single 8 minute main, incorporating bump ups. The organisers hope that this will encourage different approaches to each round in terms of setup and driving while the double header allows each racer two chances to get a good result. For the series, 5 of the 8 rounds count towards the final standings, however trophies will be presented to the top 20 in each class based on a driver’s combined result from both days. Entry for each event will be limited to 100 across both classes and is now open for round 1 at RCI V2 in Shanghai on October 6-7. You can submit your entry by clicking here or by contacting RCI V2 direct.