October 7, 2018

Akio Sobue繼續統治OneTen第二站 / Akio Sobue continues dominance of OneTen Rd2

Akio Sobue斬獲由Infinity冠名的OneTen系列賽第二站Modified組別TQ。這位日本車手統治了昨天第一站的比賽,今天他在預賽中三戰三勝,而在這一輪中,他的隊友Jin Sawada獲得了第二名。Jan Ratheisky依舊表現穩定,僅落後Sawada 0.4秒完賽,獲得第三。兩位Xray車手黃揆笙與Nicholas Koh也僅有0.4秒的差距,分別拿下本輪第四與第五。

Akio Sobue is the top qualifier for the Modified class at the 2nd round of the OneTen Series presented by Infinity at RCI V2 in Shanghai. The Japanese driver, who dominated the opening round of the series yesterday, made it 3 from 3 in qualifying as he once again headed the times, this time ahead of team mate Jin Sawada. Jan Ratheisky ensured the top 3 remained consistent as he ended up less than 4 tenths back. The ongoing battle between Gary Huang and Nicholas Koh continued with the Xray pairing separated by half a second, ending the round 4th and 5th respectively.


In preparation for the single 8 minute final Infinity driver Sobue fully charged his ORCA battery to increase runtime while lowering the settings on the speedo to reduce the extra punch as a result. Obviously happy with wrapping up the TQ the current TITC Champion will continue to test in the final qualifier to be safe for the longer race.

Jin Sawada每輪都在調整車架來找到一個可以穩定發揮的設定。看起來他在這一輪終於找到了自己的節奏,做出個人最好成績,與隊友的差距不到2秒。

Jin Sawada, still in search of a stable car with changes made to his IF14 each run, seems to have finally found his rhythm as he put in his best run, getting to within 2 seconds of his team mate.

Xray車手Jan Ratheisky獲得本輪第三名,德國人感覺自己的T4更快了,這反映在他的單圈上,不過他這一輪的最快單圈依然比第二輪預賽的最快單圈慢了0.2秒。Jan這一輪的成績比上一輪慢了約2秒,目前他有兩個第二名在手,相比Jin的一個第二與一個第三,以及他更快的完賽成績,德國人有很大可能強勢插入兩位Infinity車手之間,獲得預賽第二。

Xray driver Jan Ratheisky took 3rd for the round, the German feeling his T4 was faster, which reflected in his lap times but which was slower over the run than his fastest time he set in Q2. Some 2 seconds of his quickest time, with two 2nd place finishes compared to Jin’s one 2nd and a 3rd, along with the faster run time, Jan has a very good chance to split the Infinity drivers.

毫無懸念,Ratheisky輕鬆拿下Scorpion Stock組別的TQ。他在這一輪依舊展現出了大師級的水準,其後是Heng、Masaaki Kyoyi、Kenny Yan和Simon Wang。

While never in doubt, Ratheisky also took the overall TQ in the Scorpion Stock class, putting in another master class to take the round from Heng Heng, with Masaaki Kyoyi, Kenny Yan and Simon Wang completing the top 5 for the round.

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