October 7, 2018

預賽第二輪,Ratheisky追近Sobue / Ratheisky gets close to Sobue in Q2

Jan Ratheisky在第二輪預賽中發揮出了高水準,距離Akio Sobue僅有咫尺之遙。德國人的完賽成績比第一輪提升了3秒之多,落後Sobue 1秒衝線。Sobue在這一輪只比自己第一輪的成績快了0.1秒,但仍舊讓他拿下第二輪預賽的頭名。不過這個成績依舊不足以確保他獲得預賽TQ,他還需要一個單輪預賽第一來鎖定桿位。Jin Sawada再次獲得第三名;黃揆笙的成績有大幅度提升,拿下第四,力壓第五名張方洲僅0.2秒。在Stock組別中,Jan、Kyoyi和Heng再度以同樣的一二三名順序完賽。

Jan Ratheisky has come very close to unseating Akio Sobue from the top of the timing sheets with a stellar run in Q2 which saw him improve his Q1 time by 3 seconds to get to within 1 second of the Japanese driver. Sobue, who also improved upon his Q1 time but by just 1 tenth of a second to take his second round of the day, is still not assured of the TQ spot because with 2 of the 4 rounds to count will need one more fast run to be certain of his second pole position in as many days. Jin Sawada was once again 3rd on a track that appears to have improved traction compared to earlier in the day. Completing the top 5, Gary Huang had a much improved run to 4th, just narrowly beating out Rocket Zhang who end up in 5th only 2 tenths back on the Xray driver. In Stock it was again a repeat of Q1 with Jan from Kyoyi in 2nd and Heng Heng in 3rd.

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