October 7, 2018

8分鐘決賽排位確定 / Starting grids finalised for 8-minute finals

在RCI V2舉行的OneTen系列賽第二站的預賽全部完成,不過兩個比賽項目的TQ在第三輪就已經提前決出。與Akio Sobue一起排在Sweep Modified組別8分鐘決賽發車位前列的是第二名Jan Ratheisky和第三名Jin Sawada。黃揆笙、張方洲、Nicholas Koh分列第三至第五位。Xray小將勞敏皓將不得不在B組進行8分鐘的決賽來爭取A組的最後一個名額。在Scorpion Stock組別中,桿位屬於Jan Ratheisky,其後是狀態提升的Heng,Masaaki Kyoyi位居第三。Kenny Yan和Simon Wang分列第四、第五位。毛宇峻排名預賽第十,將從B組的桿位發車。

Qualifying is complete at RCI V2 and the grids for the 2nd round of the championship have been finalised, having confirmed our class top qualifiers following the Q3. Joining Akio Sobue at the sharp end of the grid in the single 8-minute Sweep Modified A-main will be Jan Ratheisky in 2nd, Jin Sawada, who retired from the final qualifier in 3rd, followed by Gary Huang, Rocket Zhang and Nicholas Koh rounding out the top 5. Young Xray driver Lao Minhao will have to try and bump up from the B-main, having just qualified 10th. The Scorpion Stock class A-main will see pole man Ratheisky joined by an improving Heng Heng in 2nd, Masaaki Kyoyi in 3rd, with Kenny Yan and Simon Wang completing the top half of the grid. Mao Yujin took 10th and so will line up on pole position for the B-main.

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