December 1, 2018

第一輪決賽的勝利屬於Sobue與Ratheisky | A1 wins for Sobue & Ratheisky

在香港TRC進行的第一輪決賽中,Infinity車手Akio Sobue以顯著的優勢率先衝線。這位日本車手在比賽初期擋住了第二位發車的Nicholas Lee的進攻,並為自己建立起了一定的領先優勢,並持續擴大優勢直至完賽。之後,Nicholas放棄了進攻的意圖,但在進入直路時犯錯,很快被後車集團吞沒,跌落至最後一名。這位Yokomo車手一度追回至第8名,但又一次發生失誤後他選擇了提前退賽以保護輪胎。

The opening A-main at TRC in Hong Kong has seen a clear win for Infinity driver Akio Sobue. The Japanese driver defended an early attempt by 2nd placed starter Nicholas Lee and was able to build an early lead, which would never be headed. Behind, Nicholas Lee gave chase but made a mistake coming onto the straight and was swallowed by the following pack dropping him to last. The Yokomo driver would get back up to eight but following another mistake pulled up to save his car and tires.

從第二圈開始,第三名的爭奪就異常激烈;Lee撞車以後,Jin Sawada、Andy Moore和狀態大有進步的Jan Ratheisky為第二名展開了精彩的追逐戰。在之後的比賽中,Andy發起了數次試探性的進攻,但都沒有成功超越Jin;Jin在這一輪明顯快了很多。Jan在最後兩圈發起了全力衝刺,將三台車的差距縮緊到同一個彎,但這位Xray車手在最後一圈進入直路時切翻並撞上了直路的圍欄,最終依靠非常慢的最後一圈鎖定第四。三位Infinity車手包攬了本輪前三位。

From the 2nd lap there was a battle on for initially 3rd, but after Lee’s crash it was a battle for 2nd between Jin Sawada, Andy Moore and a much improved Jan Ratheisky. Going on for the remainder of the race Andy made a few half attempts on Jin but couldn’t find a way passed, the following drivers much quicker than the Japanese driver. Jan would push really hard on the final 2 laps and close the gap until the trio could be covered by a blanket, but coming onto the straight on the last lap the Xray driver did what so many others had done before him and hit the kerb on the start of the straight away which launched him into the wall. With the following pack already finished he would be classified 4th, while up front Infinity would take the top 3 positions.

Sweep Modified A-main Leg 1 – Video


Sweep Modified A-main Leg 1 – Results

在Scorpion Stock組別中,狀態明顯回升的Jan Ratheisky表現出了一貫的強勢,早早就拋離了後車集團。他的Xray車架在TRC的泛光燈下有顯而易見的進步,只差0.8秒就要跑進14圈。Yan Cheung在第一圈試圖抓住機會超越德國人,但空檔太小,最終他發生失誤,排名跌落至第五;之後他追回到第二名衝線,Angus Leung獲得第三,James Lee和Jimmy So分獲第四與第五。

In the Scorpion Stock class, again a much improved Jan Ratheisky did what he is best known for and checked out early in the race, his Xray chassis looking visibly much better around the TRC track under the floodlights, almost breaking into the 14 second lap barrier, just 8 hundredths off. Behind it was Yan Cheung, who had made an opportunistic move on the German on the first lap which dropped him down the order to 5th from where he recovered back to 2nd ahead of Angus Leung in 3rd, with James Lee and Jimmy So completing the Top 5.

Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 1 – Video


Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 1 – Results

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