December 1, 2018

Sawada漁翁得利收穫亞軍 | Sawada gifted runner up spot

受益於Ratheisky和Lee在倒數第二圈的碰撞事故,Jin Sawada進而鎖定由Infinity冠名的OneTen系列賽第三站比賽的亞軍。在Sobue再一次絕塵而去的情況下,三位車手又一次互相緊跟,Lee位居第二,其後是Sawada和Ratheisky。二車和三車的一次輕微碰撞讓位於四車的Jan在進入直路時大大縮短了和前車的距離。來到直路尾衝下來的彎道處,Ratheisky成功超過Jin,但超過日本車手的德國人剎車不及,撞到了Lee並導致新加坡車手掉頭。接下去的混戰中,Jin率先衝線,Lee跌落至第四名,尽管Jan一度停下來將自己的位置讓回給這兩位車手。這一輪完賽排名讓Jin鎖定亞軍位置,Nicholas Lee屈居第三。

Jin Sawada has secured the runner up spot at Rd3 of the OneTen series presented by Infinity following a racing incident between Ratheisky and Lee on the 2nd last lap. Running closely together, as Sobue ran away with the win again, Lee sat in 2nd ahead of Sawada and Ratheisky. A light touch on the 2nd last lap between the 2nd and 3rd placed drivers allowed 4th place Jan to close considerably going on to the straight. Coming into the corner at the end of the straight, Jan managed to pass Jin, but having got passed the Japanese driver the German couldn’t slow his Xray in time and turned around Lee. The following melee saw Jan come out in 2nd and Lee drop back to 4th but despite Jan slowing to let the pair back through the change of positions meant the Infinity driver secured the runner up spot and Nicholas was to end up 3rd overall.

Sweep Modified A-main Leg 3 – Video


Sweep Modified A-main Overall & Leg 3 – Results

在Stock組別中,Ratheisky選擇作壁上觀A組的最後一輪決賽,Yan Cheung駕駛他的Mugen統治了這一輪,幫助自己拿下系列賽第三站的亞軍。CY Leung雖然獲得這一輪決賽的第二,但卻是Jimmy So最終獲得了Stock組別的季軍。

In the stock class, Ratheisky sat out the final A-main and so Yan Cheung could dominate the final leg with his Mugen and confirm his runner up spot overall for Rd3 of the series. CY Leung would take 2nd for the leg, but it was Jimmy So that took the final step on the podium overall.

Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 3 – Video


Scorpion Stock A-main Overall & Leg 3 – Results

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