December 1, 2018

Sobue与Ratheisky胜出OneTen系列赛第三轮 | Sobue & Ratheisky take overall wins at OneTen Series Rd3

日本車手Akio Sobuey贏得了由Infinity冠名的OneTen系列賽第三輪比賽Modified組別的冠軍。與第一輪決賽一樣,這位Infinity車手與由Nicholas Lee領銜的後車集團拉開了明顯的距離。前四位車手按照發車時的順序互相追趕,Andy Moore首先撞車,他和其他車手一樣在進直路處的那個不著名路肩上切翻,提前退賽。Nicholas Lee繼續領跑又一次三車追逐戰,這一次是Jin Sawada與Jan Ratheisky追在身後。Jin一直守住了自己的位置,知道他的一顆軸承發生故障,迫使其退賽。

Japanese driver Akio Sobue has wrapped up the overall Modified victory in Rd3 of the OneTen Series presented by Infinity. In a repeat of the opening leg of the triple mains, the Infinity driver was able to pull clear of the chasing pack, lead by Nicholas Lee. The top 4 running in the same order as they started, it was Andy Moore who cracked first, crashing out on the now infamous main straight kerb, retiring on the spot. Nicholas Lee lead another 3 way battle, this time with Jin Sawada and Jan Ratheisky following behind. Jin was holding position until a main shaft bearing on his IF14 failed causing him to strip his spur gear and putting him out.

Jin的退賽讓Jan追到了Lee身後,從第六位發車的德國人做出了整場比賽第二快的單圈。儘管沒有像第一輪一樣激進,但他依舊不斷給新加坡人施加壓力,只是他並沒有追近到足夠超車的距離,儘管他只落後Nicholas 0.3秒衝線。Awesomatix車手Fai Ho獲得本輪第四,落後Jan約5秒。Hay Lai獲得第五。

His retirement let Jan get up the back of Lee, the German putting in the 2nd fastest lap of the race to get there, having started 6th. While not as aggressive as in A1 he pushed the Singaporean hard but didn’t get close enough to make a move despite finishing the race only 3 tenths back. Awesomatix driver Fai Ho would take 4th, some 5 seconds back, leading Hay Lai to the line who completed the top half of field.

Sweep Modified A-main Leg 2 – Video


Sweep Modified A-main Leg 2 – Results

與Modified組別的情況一樣,Jan提前將冠軍獎杯收入囊中。這一輪他全程被Yan Cheung緊逼,後者做出整場比賽的Stoke組別最快單圈。使用舊胎的Ratheisky最終領先香港人僅僅0.3秒衝線。Jimmy So、Angus Leung和Joey Chan分獲第三至第五。

Just as in Modified, Jan wrapped up the win early, this time he was pushed all the way by Yan Cheung, who set the fastest lap of the race. Ratheisky who was on old tires was kept honest by the Hong Kong driver and was only 3 tenths back at the end of the 4 minutes. Jimmy So, Angus Leung and Joey Chan completed the top 5.

Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 2 – Video


Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 2 – Results

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