December 2, 2018

車架聚焦 | Chassis Focus – Akio Sobue

車架 | Chassis – Infinity IF14
馬達 | Motor – ORCA 4.5T
電調 | ESC – ORCA
電池 | Batteries – ORCA 6300mAh
輪胎 | Tires – Sweep (handout)
遙控器/舵機 | Radio/Servo – Sanwa
車殼 | Bodyshell – Montech

說明 – OneTen系列賽第三站冠軍Akio Sobue此次在香港使用的是標準版IF14。車上的新配件是SMJ出品的避震彈簧,他說這套彈簧讓車架在顛簸的場地上更易於操控,讓他在彎道的感覺更好。

Remarks – Winner of the opening 3 rounds of the OneTen series this season Japanese driver Akio Sobue is running his standard IF14 here in Hong Kong. New on the car are springs from SMJ which he says makes the car easier to drive over the bumps giving him a better feeling in the corners.

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