December 2, 2018

第二輪預賽由Andy Moore勝出 | Q2 goes to Andy Moore

Andy Moore是香港OneTen系列賽第二輪預賽的TQ,這位Infinity車手及第二至第四名Nicholas Lee、Jan Ratheisky和Felix Law都在這一輪啓用了新胎。Jin Sawada是使用舊胎的車手中最快的,Akio Sobue使用跑過2輪的舊胎下地,僅獲第九名。知道自己的隊友將使用新胎,Andy Moore就堵上了自己僅剩的兩套新胎中的一套。如果收穫一輪第一、一輪第二,這將能確保他最少可以從第三位起步進行決賽,他之所以做這個決定是因為他認為自己在剩下的兩輪預賽中不可能有更好的表現。

Andy Moore has TQd the 2nd round of qualifying at the OneTen series in Hong Kong, the Infinity driver heading home Nicholas Lee, Jan Ratheisky and Felix Law, the top 4 all deciding to run one of their new sets of Sweep tires for this round. Jin Sawada was quickest of the drivers who decided to use old tires, team mate Akio Sobue ending in 9th having run 2 run old tires. With the knowledge of his team mates running old tires Andy Moore bolted one of his 2 remaining fresh sets, the result being that he now has a 1st and a 2nd and at a minimum will give him a 3rd on the grid, saying he doesn’t believe he can produce a better result in the remaining two rounds.

Nicholas Lee對自己這一輪的發揮感到失望,「不太好」他如此說道。他認為自己有一些迷失在了設定中,他將會換回昨天上午的設定,去掉車尾的ARS。仍舊手握兩套新胎,如何使用它們現在變得至關重要,如果他想要提升自己的預賽排名的話。

Nicholas Lee was disappointed with his run, saying it was ‘not too good’. Admitting to getting lost with setup, he will now revert back to what he ran yesterday morning, removing the active rear toe from his BD9. Still having 2 new sets of tires, the decision about when to run them will be crucial if he is to improve his starting position.

Xray車手Jan Ratheisky同樣使用新胎下地,他抱怨賽道的溫度過高,以至於他的車子嚴重推頭。為了克服這個問題,下一輪他會將後差速油換為更厚的20000號以尋求更多轉向。在Stock組別中,Jan繼續保持其統治地位,也依然在大直路上不夠快。德國人勝出了昨天全部三輪預賽和三輪決賽,今天也已經連勝兩輪預賽。

Xray driver Jan Ratheisky, also on new tires, complained that with the track temperature coming up it is causing his car to push badly. To counter this for the next round he has changed the oil in his rear diff, going up to 20K in search of more steering. In the Stock class, Jan continues to dominate despite lacking top speed, the German having taking all 3 rounds of qualifying and all finals yesterday along with the opening two rounds today.

Felix Law將他昨天的表現形容為「Super epic fail」,他選擇為今天的比賽保留4套新胎,而新胎的優勢也顯而易見,這位Serpent車手在第一輪獲得第五,本輪拿下第四。Jin Sawada這一輪排名第五,其後是Awesomatix車手Fai Ho,King Fong和Ivan Lo。

Felix Law, who described his Saturday as a ‘Super epic fail’, chose to save 4 of his 5 allocated tires for today, the benefit of new tires plain for everyone to see, the Serpent driver backing up his 5th in Q1 with 4th in Q2. Jin Sawada would take 5th for the round ahead of Awesomatix driver Fai Ho, King Fong and Ivan Lo rounding out the top 8.

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