December 2, 2018

第三輪預賽賽況更新 | Q3 Update

Nicholas Lee勝出第三輪預賽,這位Yokomo車手使用了僅存的一套可以在預賽中使用的新胎。比二車快2秒完賽的新加坡人使用了全新的設定,力壓Infinity三人組Jin Sawada、Akio Sobue和Andy Moore;Sawada在這一輪也使用了新胎。目前在預賽積分表上,Lee和Moore暫時同分排在榜首,而Nicholas目前小分佔優。Akio Sobue仍然有機會奪得TQ,他只需要在最後一輪跑出第二名即可,他現有的單輪最快完賽成績應該很難被超過,而日本車手也確實保留了一套新胎在最後一輪使用。

Nicholas Lee has topped Q3, the Yokomo driver using the round to run his last remaining qualifying set of tires. Two seconds clear at the front, the Singaporean ran a completely new setup and headed the Infinity trio of Jin Sawada, Akio Sobue and Andy Moore, Sawada another to run on new tires. The result now sees Lee on the same points as Moore at the top of ranking, with Nicholas currently having the tie break. Akio Sobue can still take the TQ spot, needing only a 2nd place having put in the fastest 4 minute run of the day should it need to go to tie break, the Japanese driver having saved tires with which to do so.

在Scorpion Stock組別中,Jan Ratheisky再度確認自己的權威,連勝三輪提前鎖定TQ。Yan Cheung依舊是Xray車手唯一的競爭者,他僅落後0.4秒完賽;Jimmy So獲得本輪第三。

In the Scorpion Stock class Jan Ratheisky confirmed what was already a forgone conclusion as the German again took the top spot in Q3 to secure the pole position starting spot for this afternoon’s single 8-minute A-main. Yan Cheung continues to be the only competition for the Xray driver, his time only 4 tenths back, with Jimmy So completing the top 3.

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