December 19, 2018

飛騰賽車場將在一月迎來OneTen系列賽 | Feiteng Raceway to welcome OneTen Series in January

進入整個賽季的下半程,由Infinity冠名的OneTen系列賽賽會再一次榮幸地宣佈多位世界頂級車手將到訪廣州,參加即將於1月12日-13日舉行的第五與第六站比賽。廣州站的比賽將在飛騰賽車場舉行,這個賽道是中國青少年遙控模型的培訓基地之一,賽道方將會為賽員們提供良好的設施,包括噴灑糖水的賽道。目前為止擁有完美戰績的Infinity車手Akio Sobue和Xray車手Jan Ratheisky都有機會在廣州分別提前將Sweep Modified和Scorpion Stock組別的賽季總冠軍提前攬入囊中。按照年度積分8取5的計算規則,兩位車手都只需要再多拿下一個分站賽即可成功問鼎成功。Yokomo廠車手Nicholas Lee、Infinity的全日本冠軍Jin Sawada也都將到場與中國及香港地區的高手們一較高下;缺席第三與第四站比賽的Xray廠車手、全國冠軍黃揆笙也將在廣州重返OneTen。更多比賽及賽程信息請點擊此處查詢。第3輪與第4輪比賽的報名已經開始,與其他輪次一樣,比賽人數限定為100人。

Already entering the 2nd half of a successful first season, the organisers of the OneTen series presented by Infinity are pleased to once more bring top international regulars to the 5th and 6th round of the series which take place on the 12th to 13th of January. Set to be held at the Feiteng Raceway in Guangzhou, a popular venue used by the many school children in the region who have RC as part of their curriculum, for the OneTen series the track owners will provide a well presented facility with sugar watered track surface. Having had perfect scores in the opening 4 races of the series, Infinity driver Akio Sobue and Xray’s Jan Ratheisky can wrap up the series title in the Sweep Modified and Scorpion Stock classes respectively at the next stop of the series, a driver’s 5 best points to count from 8. Joining the points leaders, and racing alongside the top Chinese and Hong Kong racers, will be Yokomo Factory driver Nicholas Lee, Infinity’s Japanese National Champion Jin Sawada and returning the series, having missed the 3rd and 4th round, Xray team driver and Chinese National Champion Gary Huang. More information about this, and all future, rounds of the series can be found here, while entry for rounds 5 & 6, which like all rounds is limited to 100 entries, is now open here.