January 12, 2019

Akio與Jan在飛騰勝出首輪決賽 | A1 wins for Akio & Jan at Feiteng Raceway

Infinity車手Akio Sobue距離2018/19賽季OneTen系列賽Modified組總冠軍又近了一步,他剛剛在廣州輕鬆勝出了首輪A組決賽。這位日本車手在比賽中沒有受到任何挑戰,並逐步建立起了可觀的領先優勢,最終領先隊友Jin Sawada 9秒衝線。Sawada在最後一圈通過大直路時發生撞車,但依舊幸運地在停錶前衝進最後一圈,保住了第二的位置。

Infinity driver Akio Sobue has moved a step closer to securing the 2018/19 OneTen Series Modified title as he took an easy win in A1 this afternoon in Guangzhou. The Japanese driver was never challenged and could win by a substantial margin, which had increased to 9 seconds as team mate Sawada crashed on the last lap coming onto the back straight. Having managed to get pass the line before the buzzer Jin was luckily able to maintain his runner up position.

Jan Ratheisky躍進了好幾位,最終獲得本輪第三;他在緊貼隊友馬浩然連續4圈之後超過了這位小將。Nicholas Lee的開局很糟糕,但依舊奮勇追回到第四完賽,只比德國人慢了一秒鐘。

As has become the norm, Jan Ratheisky made up lots of places in the early laps and would eventually take 3rd, getting passed Xray team mate Haoran Ma following 4 laps of close quarters racing with the youngster. Nicholas Lee would recover from a rough start to take 4th by the finish, less than a second behind the German at the end of the 4 minutes.


Gary Huang would endure a terrible start as he got caught up in the chaos on the opening lap which saw him drop all the way back to 9th, but the Chinese National Champion’s experience shone through as he was able to recover to 5th at the finish. Lao Minhao would take 6th, with Ma dropping to 7th in the laps following Jan getting by.

Sweep Modified A-main Leg 1 – Video

Sweep Modified A-main Leg 1 – Results

使用跑過3輪的舊胎參賽,Jan Ratheisky依舊拿下了首輪決賽的勝利,儘管在比賽中段Yan Cheung向他發起了強力挑戰。Yan Cheung的努力最終失敗,因為位居第三的Ali Lee與他發生了纏鬥,兩位車手的排名都跌落下去,不過Lee最後追回到第二名完賽,Yan獲得第三,第四是徐梓洋。

Starting the race on 3 run tires, Jan Ratheisky still took the win in the opening leg of the Scorpion Stock class A-mains despite it looking as though Yan Cheung would challenge mid way through the race. That expected battle would fizzle away as a closing Ali Lee in 3rd would start a battle with Cheung, dropping both back with Lee eventually getting the 2nd spot with Hong Kong driver Cheung 3rd and Xu Ziyang 4th.

Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 1 – Video

Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 1 – Results

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