January 12, 2019

Sobue與Ratheisky將從桿位發車,力爭提前鎖定總冠軍 | Sobue & Ratheisky to start title deciding finals from pole

Akio Sobue將在決賽中從桿位發車,力爭提前兩站鎖定由Infinity冠名的OneTen系列賽Sweep Modified組別首個賽季總冠軍。隊友Jin Sawada拿下第三輪預賽的第一,為自己鎖定預賽第二的排名;黃揆笙緊隨其後,位居第三。本地小車手馬浩然令人意外地拿下預賽第四,Nicholas Lee艱難地熬過了預賽階段,最終排名第五,其後是勞敏皓與Jan Ratheisky。Sobue只要拿下今天的三輪4分鐘決賽就可以提前問鼎總冠軍。再一次對自己的IF14表示滿意,Sobue在預賽中僅僅調整了輪胎準備的方式,他為決賽省下了2套新胎,而其實他在第二輪與第三輪預賽中也並未顯示出舊胎有很大的性能衰減。

Akio Sobue will start Rd5 of the OneTen series presented by Infinity from pole position having wrapped up qualifying in the Sweep Modified class early by taking the opening 2 rounds. Team mate Jin Sawada would take the 3rd and final round to secure 2nd place overall with an improving Gary Huang to start from 3rd place. Local kid Haoran Ma will start an impressive 4th, while Nicholas Lee endured a difficult qualifying to end up 5th just had of Lao Minhao and Jan Ratheisky. Sobue, who can secure the title with a win in today’s 4-minute long triple A-mains, was again happy with his IF14, only adjusting his tire prep during the day and commented that he has saved 2 of his allotted sets of Sweep tires for the finals, the drop off in tire performance in qualifying minimal on the 2nd and 3rd runs.

Jin Sawada將在隊友身後發車,這位Infinity車手在最後一輪決賽中看起來比自己的日本同胞更快。在6分鐘的預賽後,他發現自己的電池電壓降低到了6V;顯然他有可能使用了過多的動力,為了以防萬一,他調整了自己的Hobbywing電調的設定。

Jin Sawada will start behind his team mate on the grid, the Infinity driver looking faster than his fellow Japanese team mate late in the final qualifier. Left with very little power in his battery following the 6 minute run, only 6V, a precautionary change of Hobbywing speedo has been made as it is somehow using too much power.


Third position on the grid went to Huang, the Chinese National Champion feeling while his 2nd round of qualifying was not good, his 3rd run was much improved in terms of setup, but 3rd run tires meaning he couldn’t show how good. For the final, the Xray driver will keep his setup as is and just bolt on new tires, a podium finish a realistic goal.

馬浩然在最後一輪預賽中賭上了新胎;使用了3套公發胎中的2套,讓他位居眾多高手之前,排名第四。時間會證明這個大膽的決定是否正確,因為這位13歲小將將會面對Yokomo廠車手Nicholas Lee、勞敏皓和Jan Ratheisky的進攻。

Haoran Ma gambled with tires, using 2 of his allotted 3 sets to allow him to start from 4th position ahead of a lot more experienced drivers. Only time will tell whether the gamble will pay off in the finals as the 13 year old will need to hold off Yokomo factory driver Nicholas Lee, Lao Minhao and the always fast Jan Ratheisky, who starts from back in 7th on the grid.

在Scorpion Stock組別中,Jan Ratheisky再度橫掃三輪預賽,延續了自己的完美戰績。在第二輪預賽中就提前拿下TQ的德國人現在僅差兩輪決賽的勝利就可以拿下首個OneTen總冠軍頭銜。預賽第二名是本地車手劉家榮,他駕駛本土品牌InHobby i21參賽;Mugen車手Yan Cheung獲得預賽第三,其後是Awesomatix車手Ali Lee。

In the Scorpion Stock class Jan Ratheisky made it another clean sweep in qualifying as the German took all 3 rounds of qualifying to continue his perfect record. Wrapping up the TQ early having taken the 2nd round in his fastest time of the day, the German is now only 2 finals away from taking the inaugural OneTen series title. The 2nd place overall went to local driver Jiarong Liu, driving the locally made InHobby I21 car, with Mugen racer Yan Cheung in 3rd and Awesomatix racer Ali Lee in 4th.

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