January 12, 2019

賽道聚焦 | Track Focus – 飛騰賽車場 Feiteng Raceway

賽事 | Name – 2018/19 OneTen Series Rd5 & 6
承辦方 | Host – 飛騰賽車場 Feiteng Raceway
地點 | Location – 廣州 | Guangzhou
行駛方向 | Direction – 順時針 | Clockwise
路面 | Surface – 瀝青 | Asphalt


目前領跑Modified組別積分榜的Akio Sobue表示他很喜歡這個高速的賽道路線,雖然目前場地抓地力不高但賽道非常平整,使用28度的Sweep公發輪胎下地,操控樂趣十足。問及賽道上的難點,這位Infinity車手認為賽道左側的四連彎會給車手造成麻煩,因為通過這個區域時抓地力有變化。

The OneTen Series presented by Infinity makes its 3rd stop in Gunagzhou for rounds 5 & 6 of the championship at Feiteng Raceway close to the centre of the sprawling metropolis. Set in a wooded area on a small island surrounded by river, the track was built in 2006 and on numerous occasions in the past has hosted the Chinese Youth Nationals. But what the track is best known for is being a licensed training facility and hosting school children who are taught at the main schools in the region. Headed by Carson Lin, who also organises the IYRCA junior World Championships each year, the facility also sports a number of rc related offices as well as a shop and an offroad track.

Talking with Modified class series points leader Akio Sobue regarding the track, he said he likes the high speed layout, and while the traction is not so high, the smooth surface and 28 shore handout Sweep tires make it quite enjoyable. Asked to point out a difficult section of the track, the Infinity driver replied that the long 4-apex left hander on the left side of the track can cause issues due to the changes in traction level going through the section.

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