January 13, 2019

OneTen第六站的首輪預賽排名一如往常 | OneTen Rd6 kicks off with familiar faces topping Q1

由Infinity冠名的OneTen系列賽第六站在廣州飛騰賽車場舉行。今天的氣溫比昨天更低,賽道的抓地力略有下降,但前兩位車手的排名依舊。在昨天拿下Modified組別總冠軍的Akio Sobue再度位居成績表首位,其後是在今天早晨的控制練習中拿下頭號種子的隊友Jin Sawada。Jan Ratheisky排名本輪第三,Nicholas Lee和黃揆笙分獲第四與第五,後者在倒數第二組參加預賽。Sobue使用了只跑過昨天第二輪決賽的輪胎,他感覺今天的抓地力較低,但舊胎在他的車上表現還不錯。

Round 6 of the OneTen Series presented by Infinity kicked off at Feiteng Raceway in Guangzhou with cooler conditions than on Saturday. The colder track conditions meant traction was a little lower than before but the order of the top 2 drivers remained the same. Akio Sobue, who claimed the season title in Modified yesterday, was again the pace setter from Jin Sawada, who seeded first in controlled practice earlier in the morning. 3rd spot for the opening round went to Jan Ratheisky, while Nicholas Lee and Gary Huang, the Xray driver running in the 2nd fastest heat, completed the top 5. Sobue who was on one run tires from the 2nd A-main yesterday felt that the traction was lower today but his car and the used tire were still ok.


Sawada, who was the only one of the top 4 to run new tires for Q1 was less than 4 tenths behind his team mate at the end of the run but complained that his car was sliding around due to the lower than expected grip. Not helped by traffic on the last 3 laps of his run, he may have been able to take the top spot from his Infinity team mate had he managed to have a clear track.

Jan Ratheisky認為自己這一輪獲得第三包含了運氣的成分,他這一輪使用了舊胎,車速不快,但發揮穩健沒有犯錯。而其他幾位明顯比他快的車手包括馬浩然、曹志鵬和勞敏皓都發生了失誤,排名跌落。

Jan Ratheisky was 3rd but admitted that he was lucky to get third on old tires as he was slow but made no mistakes and was consistent. The Xray driver further helped by a number of faster drivers making mistakes such as Lao Minhao, Zhipeng Cao and Haoran Ma, all crashing while setting fast times.

Nicholas Lee獲得本輪第四,比賽中他有一次翻車。新加坡人對於自己Yokomo車架的總體表現感到不滿,他認為自己應該換上ARS系統,因為他的對手們都在使用,但可惜的是他在本週早些時候已經撞壞了自己僅有的一套ARS,而且沒有替換配件可用。他承認自己已經想不出什麼好辦法來改進設定。

Nicholas Lee was 4th in Q1, saying that he flipped only once, but overall is not happy with the balance of his Yokomo car. Feeling he should use the ARS system on the rear of his car, as his competitors are doing, the Singaporean broke his only set earlier in the weekend and has no spares to fix it and has admitted that he is running out of ideas to get his car better.

Scorpion Stock又一次變成Jan Ratheisky一個人的舞台,德國人在4分鐘的預賽里領先香港車手Yan Cheung約7秒完賽,而且做出全場唯一的小於20秒的單圈。這位Xray車手在Stock組中同樣選擇使用舊胎,他開玩笑說自己的兩套新胎準備留到比賽後練習時再用。昨天比賽的亞軍何漢斌獲得本輪第三,和他一樣使用InHobby車架參賽的隊友劉家榮排名第四,Ali Lee位居第五。

The Scorpion Stock class once again was all about Jan Ratheisky, the German heading Yan Cheung from Hong Kong by nearly 7 seconds in 4 minutes and setting the only sub 20 second lap in the run. The German choosing again to run on used tires, he joked that we will have 2 brand new sets for practice following the race. Yesterday’s race runner up Hanbin He would take 3rd for the round with his InHobby chassis with team mate Jiarong Liu in 4th, while Ali Lee would complete the top 5.

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