January 13, 2019

第二輪預賽簡報 | Q2 Update

Sweep Modified組別第二輪預賽的前兩名依舊是Infinity二人組Akio Sobue與Jin Sawada。勞敏皓獲得本輪第三,他在第一輪預賽時就有很快的車速,但不幸失誤撞車;這一輪Xray小將使用新胎下地而且發揮出色,完賽成績僅比TQ慢1.6秒。Jan Ratheisky落後勞敏皓1秒衝線獲得第四。在Stock組別中,Jan再度獲勝,Yan Cheung慢4秒完賽,劉家榮、Ali Lee與Infinity設計師Kotonori Fujiwara分獲第三至第五名。

While the top 2 remained the same at the front of the grid in the Sweep Modified class with the Infinity pairing of Akio Sobue and Jin Sawada topping Q2, behind it was quick youngster Lao Minhao who was 3rd fastest. Showing very good pace in Q1, before crashing, this time around the Xray driver was able to keep it all together with new tires to take a competitive 3rd, only 1.6 seconds back on TQ. Jan Ratheisky was a further 1 second back in 4th, having started the heat very fast before dropping back. Jan would also top the 2nd Stock qualifier with Yan Cheung less than 4 seconds behind this time, while Jiarong Liu, Ali Lee and Infinity designer Kotonori Fujiwara completing the top 5.

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