January 13, 2019

Sobue與Ratheisky獲得第六站桿位 | Sobue & Ratheisky to start Rd6 A-mains from pole

Akio Sobue繼續統治Sweep Modified組別,這位日本車手拿下第三輪預賽,提前一輪獲得第六站的TQ。Jan Ratheisky在Stock組別中同樣強勢地提前拿下TQ;在Modified組別中,德國人拼上了一套新胎來狙擊Sobue,他領跑了約3分鐘,但在最後一分鐘分別被日本人和Nicholas Lee超越。Sawada獲得第四,勞敏皓第五。Sobue在本輪繼續使用舊胎參賽,這一次他用兩套跑過兩輪的舊胎拼出了一套輪胎進行比賽。他感覺輪胎在比賽的後2分鐘進入了狀態。對於最後一輪預賽和單輪8分鐘的決賽,Sobue手握兩套新胎。

Akio Sobue has continued his dominance of the Sweep Modified class as the Japanese driver took the 3rd round of qualifying and wrapped up the top qualifying spot here early in Guangzhou for round 6 of the series with one qualifier still left to run. Jan Ratheisky did a similar feat in the Scorpion Stock class as the Xray racer once again was not headed by any of the local racers. In modified, the German bolted on a fresh set of Sweep handout tires and looked set to stop Sobue’s dominance, leading the heat for 3 minutes, but unfortunately fell back in the last minute which allowed Akio and Nicholas Lee passed. Sawada took 4th, while Lao Minhao completed the top 5. Sobue was once again on used tires, using a combination of 2 run old rear tires on the front and rear of his IF14, and said he felt the traction improve in the last 2 minutes of his run as the tires came in. For the final qualifier and the single 8-minute long A-main, Sobue still has two brand new sets of tires.

Nicholas Lee將自己的表現歸功於新胎,他的Yokomo BD9在這一輪表現穩定,沒有性能衰退問題,他甚至在最後一圈做出了自己的最快單圈。新加坡人對於第四輪預賽和決賽並沒有什麼期待,他說,「我已經做到自己的極限了」。

Nicholas Lee put his performance down to new tires, which helped the balance of his Yokomo BD9 and didn’t experience any drop off in performance throughout his run, his fastest lap of the round being his last lap. The Singaporean wasn’t very upbeat for Q4, and the final, saying ‘this was the maximum I can do’.


Ratheisky was frustrated following Q3, saying ‘I don’t know how to be fast for more than 3 minutes with these tires’, the Xray driver suffering a pretty severe drop in performance in the final minute of the run, having set the pace up to that point. Having tried a number of things concerning tire prep and driving style to prevent this he still seems to be suffering from tire drop off more than most.

Jin Sawada說他的車子在這一輪並不好跑。這位日本車手使用一套輪胎跑完了前三輪預賽。從下一輪開始,他終於可以換上新胎了,全日本冠軍將全力以赴確保自己能夠在決賽時從第二位發車。

Jin Sawada said his car was not ok in that run. The Japanese driver had completed all of qualifying with the same tires and now they were done. Looking forward to using new tires again in Q4, the Japanese National Champion will push hard in the final qualifier to consolidate his 2nd on the grid.

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