March 30, 2019

OneTen Modified第一輪決賽,Rheinard勝出 | OneTen Modified A1 goes to Rheinard

Marc Rheinard在PYC勝出了三輪決賽的第一輪。這位Infinity車手利用新胎的優勢先超越了Akio,之後又非常漂亮地內道超過Nicholas。Akio的比賽早早就告吹,在抓地很差的情況下,他進直路時踩到路肩並撞牆,避震跳出,提前退賽。在前兩位車手之後,Jin Sawada與Naoki Akiyama分獲第三與第四;兩人上演了非常精彩的追逐戰。Marc將自己的勝利總結為,「一切都好」;不過這位多屆世界冠軍也承認「我用的是新胎,其他人都在跑舊胎」。超過Akio之後,他迅速接近Nico並做出了一個「OK的超車」。現在所有人都需要在第二輪決賽中用上新胎,而Marc可以選擇在第二輪還是第三輪用上自己的最後一套Sweep公發胎。

Marc Rheinard has taken the win in the opening round of triple A-mains here at PYC. The Infinity driver could take advantage of his new tires to work his way passed Akio and then Nicholas, with a very nice pass down the inside. Akio’s race would implode early on as battling with very low traction he hit the curb coming onto the straight and went into the wall. This would pop off his shock and he would retire. Behind the top 2, Jin Sawada and Naoki Akiyama completed the top 4 after a very nice battle following an earlier incident that had dropped both down the order. Marc summed up his win as ‘so far so good’ the multiple WC admitting that he was on ‘new tires while the others were all on old’. Once passed Akio, he closed on Nico and made an ‘ok pass’ and now with the others needing to use their 3rd set of tires for the 2nd main, Marc will decide when to use his 3rd and final set of handout Sweep tires.

桿位選手Nicholas Lee說他選擇使用舊胎「因為我需要賭一下輪胎策略」。和其他車手一樣,他也留意到賽道的抓地力在降低,主要是因為升溫與起風的原因。承認自己跑得很艱難,他說他沒辦法將Marc擋在身後,被Marc插入內道後,他也沒有極力輓回局面。

Pole man Nicholas Lee said he went with ‘old tires because I need to gamble on tire strategy’. Like the others he found the track conditions have gotten very difficult as the day has gone on with traction lower than before, due to the rising temperature and the wind picking up. Admitting to struggling with his car he said he wasn’t able to keep Rheinard behind him and didn’t push to issue when he got down the inside.

本來第三名屬於Jin Sawada,發車階段的撞車讓這位Infinity車手一度掉落到第七名,但之後優異的操控及其他人的持續失誤讓他重新回到了前列。與自己的日本同胞Naoki Akiyama的激戰讓兩位車手一路攀升,最終Serpent車手名列第四,Scorpion車手Meen Vejrak拿下第五名。

3rd place would go to Jin Sawada, a crash at the start of the race dropping the Infinity driver to 7th, but a good recovery drive, helped by others crashing and making mistakes, saw him come back strong. A close battle with his fellow Japanese driver Naoki Akiyama, who also had a bad start, pushed the two to progress through the field and the Serpent driver would take 4th with Scorpion driver Meen Vejrak taking 5th.

Sweep Modified A-main Leg 1 – Video

Sweep Modified A-main Leg 1 – Results

Scorpion Stock組別再一次成了Jan Ratheisky的表演賽,這位Xray車手領先Yan Cheung約2秒衝線。德國人在整個比賽過程中沒有受到任何實質性威脅,在獲得不錯的領先優勢後,他得以控制比賽的節奏。Andy Yip從第六位發車,殺入前三完賽。

The Scorpion Stock class was again a Jan Ratheisky show as the Xray driver won ahead of Yan Cheung by some 2 seconds. The German was never threatened throughout the race and once he had a comfortable margin he could control the gap. Andy Yip would come through from 6th on the grid to round out the top 3.

Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 1 – Video

Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 1 – Results

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