March 31, 2019

OneTen第八站首輪預賽,Marc Rheinard勝出 | OneTen Rd8 first qualifier goes to Marc Rheinard

Marc Rheinard延續了昨天的狀態,這位系列賽第七站的贏家在PYC贏得了今天的首輪預賽,狀態回勇的Naoki Akiyama緊隨其後。Jin Sawada排名本輪第三,香港本地Yokomo車手Kenrick Fong位居第四,身後是泰國隊友Charlee P.。這個開局對於Akio Sobue和Nicholas Lee來說都很糟糕,賽季總冠軍使用舊胎下地,最終僅獲得第六名;Lee排在第八,他在控制練習時撞車,匆匆忙忙換完車就上場了。新加坡人在控制練習時撞上了停在大直路入口處的隊友Kenrick Fong,車架全毀,他的另一位隊友Jackie Shum犧牲了自己的比賽,將車架交給了Nicholas。首次來香港參加比賽的Rheinard在賽後很快評論說,「Naoki和Jin現在都非常快」。天氣條件相比昨天有所變化,今天的風更大,帶來的灰塵也更多,這位Infinity車手利用第一輪預賽再次測試了Zoo Racing Preopard車殼;他感覺這個車殼的進彎更快、但過彎速度較慢一些。

Marc Rheinard has continued where he left off yesterday, the winner of Rd7 of the series here at PYC taking the opening qualifier over a much improved Naoki Akiyama. Jin Sawada would come home in 3rd place while Hong Kong Yokomo driver Kendrick Fong was 4th just in front of his Thai team mate Charlee P. It was a tough start for both Akio Sobue and Nicholas Lee, the newly crowned champion starting qualifying with used tires and ending up in 6th while Lee ended 8th having to scramble between practice and qualifying as he destroyed his car in free practice. The Singaporean hit a stationary Kendrick Fong at the start of the straight way and completely destroyed his car, team mate Jackie Shum sacrificing his race to give his team mate his race car to run. Rheinard, who is racing for the first time in Hong Kong, was quick to comment that both ‘Naoki and Jin are also very fast now’. With conditions changing overnight, it being more windy and dusty today, the Infinity driver used the first heat to again test the Zoo Racing Preopard which he feels has more turn in but carries less corner speed.

Serpent車手Akiyama駕駛最新發佈的4X Pro參賽,本輪使用新胎,車速極快。他這個週末與機械師Felix的合作可謂一波三折,但他倆昨晚解決了一個之前因為翻譯溝通不暢而未能解決的大問題。車架的主要調整集中在動力輸出上,Naoki偏愛較多的初始動力,所以他們將12.1的轉子換成了12.3的,電調上的其他相關設定也做了調整。

Serpent driver Akiyama, who is running the newly released 4X Pro, put in a very quick qualifier on new tires. Working with Felix Law as mechanic this weekend and struggling yesterday somewhat, the pair found a solution last night to a problem that was previously lost in translation. The change focussed on power delivery, Naoki preferring a lot of initial power to drive the car, and so a 12.3 rotor was used in place of a 12.1 and the relevant settings were made to the car’s speed control.

Jin Sawada獲得本輪第三。他同樣也使用了新胎,這位日本Infinity車手說自己在這一輪「幾乎沒有犯錯」,僅在4分鐘的預賽中數次踩到路肩。

Jin Sawada was 3rd this round. Also running on a new set of Sweep handout tires, the Japanese Infinity racer said his run had ‘almost no mistake’, just riding some curbing during the 4 minute qualifier.

本輪最快的Yokomo車手Kenrick Fong獲得第四名。作為控制練習事故的當事人之一,他說這次碰撞對他的自信心有所打擊。在第一輪採用安全完賽的策略,他打算在第二輪預賽中為自己鎖定8分鐘A組決賽的席位。

Top Yokomo driver for the round Kenrick Fong put in the 4th fastest time. Involved in the incident in practice with his team mate Lee, he commented afterwards that the crash had taken away some of his confidence. Just driving safe in Q1, he aims to repeat that feat in Q2 to lock himself into this afternoon’s single 8-minute A-main.

Scorpion Stock總冠軍Jan Ratheisky繼續享受自己的完美賽季,他又一次拿下比賽。他將這一輪評價為「沒有失誤」。他使用了新胎下地,但大風帶來的灰塵讓場地抓地下降,他的成績比昨天慢了近一圈。Yan Cheung又一次獲得第二,差距為5秒多,Derek Yuen是本輪第三。

Scorpion Stock Champion Jan Ratheisky continues to go for the perfect season, as he once again took the first round with his Xray. Declaring it as a ‘clean run’, he was running on new tires, but such was the drop off in track conditions caused by the dust being blown about by the wind, his time was nearly a lap slower than yesterday. Yan Cheung was once again 2nd albeit some 5 seconds back, while Derek Yuen completed the top 3.

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