March 31, 2019

Rheinard又勝出第二輪預賽 | Rheinard again in Q2

第八站也是本賽季最後一站OneTen系列賽的第二輪預賽贏家依然是Marc Rheinard,這位Infinity車手完美地實施了輪胎策略,鎖定第二輪勝局。預賽的成績將按照四取二的方式計算。Jin Sawada獲得本輪第二,兩位Infinity車手都使用跑過一輪的舊胎參賽;Sobue繼續用舊胎,他將在接下來的兩輪預賽中賭一把,看能否拿下TQ。這一輪對Yokomo車手Meen Vejrak和Nicholas Lee來說都不錯,他們分獲第三與第四;Xray車手黃揆笙拿到第五名。Marc說,「感覺還行,第一圈不是很快,但第二圈開始就OK了」。繼續使用跑過第一輪預賽的輪胎比第二輪,德國人注意到「輪胎的衰減不是難麼明顯,我只有兩個壞圈,因為輪胎沾到了灰塵」。對於剩下的兩輪預賽,他將會和隊友們研究一個策略來保證全隊都能獲得最好的決賽發車排位。

The second round of qualifying for today’s eighth and final round of the OneTen series has gone once again to Marc Rheinard, the Infinity driver playing the tire strategy perfectly to all but seal the TQ, 2 qualifying rounds from 4 to count. Jin Sawada took 2nd, the Infinity pairing both running one run tires as Sobue continued to run old tires, gambling on the last two rounds to have a shot at pole position. It was a better run for the Yokomo team as both Meen Vejrak and Nicholas Lee bolted on fresh tires to claim 3rd and 4th respectively with Xray’s Gary Huang taking 5th. Marc said ‘it felt ok, the first lap was not so fast but from the 2nd lap it was ok’. Using the same tires that he ran for the opening qualifier, the German noted that ‘the drop off is not too big, I just had two bad laps where I went into the dust. For the remaining 2 rounds, he will work with his Infinity team mates regarding when to use their new tires to claim the best possible starting spots for the final.

在兩位Infinity車手之後,Meen Vejrak的第三名是他本週末的最好成績;他目前跑的也是隊友Jackie Shum的車,他自己的那台車不夠快。現在的這台Yokomo BD9的車架有些變形,他沒有辦法在加速時避免車架向一側跑偏,這位Scorpion車手打算在下一輪開始前在仔細檢查一遍整台車。

Behind the Infinity pairing in 3rd, Meen Vejrak put in his best run of the weekend so far as he too ran a car from Jackie Shum, his original car just not quick enough. Concerned that this Yokomo BD9 is tweaked, as he cant punch the throttle without it pulling to one side, the Scorpion driver will go over it once again and check the tweak.

在控制練習時撞毀了自己的車,現在只能借車參賽的Nicholas Lee沮喪的說道,「感覺還是不太好」。儘管這台車和他自己的那台一模一樣,設定也被調整到一樣,但他還是抱怨說,「感覺這是一台完全不同的車」。這一輪使用新胎下地,但新胎的優勢在某種程度上被抵消了一些,因為他必須按照第一輪的完賽排名從後排起步;他還提到自己的最後一圈特別慢,讓自己的完賽成績進一步下降。

Having destroyed his race car in practice and running a borrowed car, a dejected Nicholas Lee said that it ‘still feels not so good’. While the car is identical and set up just like his race car he lamented that ‘it feels like a completely different car’. Running one of his new set of handout Sweep tires, their advantage was hampered somewhat by having to start from the back of the grid due to where he ended Q1, also mentioning that he had a slow last lap which prevented a better time.

Scorpion Stock組別的第二輪就第一輪別無二致,Jan再一次力壓Yan完賽,拿下自己本賽季的第8個TQ。在Jan和Yan之後,Samson Chau獲得第三,Derek Yuen和Yam Chi Yuen分獲第四、第五。

The status quo was maintained in the 2nd round of qualification for the Scorpion stock class as Jan once again headed Yan and took one step closer to taking his eighth TQ of the season. Behind the J/Yan pairing, Samson Chau took third, while Derek Yuen and Yam ChiYuen completed the top 5.

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