March 31, 2019

Sobue拿下第八站而Rheinard在PYC獲得勝利 | Sobue takes Rd8 victory while Rheinard wins PYC event

儘管Akio Sobue力壓自己的隊友,勝出OneTen系列賽的最後一站,但香港PYC兩場分站賽Modified組別的贏家是Marc Rheinard。兩位Infinity車手在預賽中的成績非常接近,但進入到決賽,在稍顯混亂的第一圈之後,Sobue就乾淨利落地勝出了今天的決賽。Nicholas Lee及時找到了自己的節奏,在決賽中殺到第三;黃揆笙與Naoki Akiyama是另兩位進入前五的車手。Akio總結這場比賽說「現在好了,完美」,他指的是賽道抓地力在8分鐘決賽時回復到正常,他的車又一次變得非常好跑。關於這場決賽,他說「第一圈車子非常奇怪,但接下去就沒問題了」;在建立了顯著的領先優勢後,他就開始安全地行駛來節省自己的輪胎和電池。在經歷了昨天僅獲第五的糟糕表現後,他憑借今天的勝利,兩站綜合排名為第三。

Akio Sobue has won the final round of the OneTen series from his team mate, and overall PYC Hong Kong modified class event winner, Marc Rheinard. It was very close between the Infinity drivers during qualifying but in the final, after an untidy first lap, Sobue was able to take a clear win ahead of his German team mate. Nicholas Lee found pace just in time for the final and took 3rd with Gary Huang and Naoki Akiyama completing the top half of the field. Akio summed up his race by saying ‘now good, perfect’ referring to the traction returning in time for the 8-minute final and his car being very good again. Explaining his race he said, ‘the first lap the car was strange, then good after’ and once in a clear lead he drove safely to conserve both his tires and batteries. Having had a difficult day yesterday, only finishing in 5th, combined with today’s victory he ended up 3rd in the combined event standings.


Rheinard, who won the previous round yesterday, said ‘just in the first lap I had a chance, then it started to push. Akio’s car not’. Continuing ‘I would like it to have been closer’, but the difference in pace between the two driver’s cars fairly evident. With his win and second place, the 3-time TC WC will take home the overall winners trophy from PYC.

使用自己隊友Jackie Shum的車參賽,Nicholas Lee從第六殺到第三;他完成了一連串超車,最後在直路尾完成了對Jin Sawada的精彩超越,上升到第三位。在賽後顯得開心一些的Yokomo車手簡單的總結說,「不幸之後總算有了點運氣」。不停嘗試了各種設定的他說,「我的車有更好的整體平衡性」;當爬升到第三位,並知道自己與第二名的距離很遠,他就沒有再冒險發起追擊;尤其是他在感覺到稍微有些飄雨以後。

Running the car of his team mate Jackie Shum following his earlier practice crash, Nicholas Lee would come from 6th on the grid to take 3rd, along the way making an awesome pass at the end of the straight on Jin Sawada to move up t0 3rd. Happier following the final the Yokomo driver simply said ‘some fortune after misfortune’. Changing everything to find a good setup he said ‘my car had better overall balance’ while on the race itself once into 3rd and seeing the large gap up to 2nd didn’t push and risk breaking the car, especially as he felt some drops of rain at some point.

Xray車手、中國全國冠軍黃揆笙是決賽中排名躍升最多的選手,他從第8位發車,最終把Naoki Akiyama擋在身後,拿到第4名完賽。Scorpion車手Meen Vejrak、Jin Sawada,B組冠軍Lolo Sam、Charlee P與Kenrick Fong分別獲得第六至第十。

Xray driver and Chinese national Champion Gary Huang was the biggest mover in the race, taking 4th place from 8th on the grid, demoting Naoki Akiyama to 5th along the way. Scorpion driver Meen Vejrak, Jin Sawada, B-main winner Lolo Sam, Charlee P and Kenrick Fong, who broke heavily after contact with another car, completed the Top 10.

Sweep Modified A-main – Video

Sweep Modified A-main – Final results

Scorpion Stock組別的A組決賽是一場激動人心的Jan Ratheisky與Yan Cheung的持久戰。Xray車手在起步階段拉開一點距離,但Cheung成功地在8分鐘內逐步貼近德國人,最後兩位車手衝線時僅相差0.3秒。Samson Chau獲得第三,其後是Dave Chak與Derek Yuen;後兩位車手同樣在決賽中上演了激烈的對決。

The Scorpion Stock A-main was an exciting race long battle between Jan Ratheisky and Yan Cheung. The Xray driver managed to pull a small gap at the start but Cheung was able to slowly reel in the German over the course of the race getting very close in the final laps, the pair separated by just 3 tenths of a second at the end. Samson Chau was 3rd with Dave Chak and Derek Yuen completing the top 5 with another very close on track battle.

Scorpion Stock A-main – Video

Scorpion Stock A-main – Final results

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