November 16, 2019

Sawada wins Rd3 of OneTen Series at AMA

Jin Sawada has maintained with his perfect winning record this year at the OneTen Series presented by Infinity as he took the win today in Guangzhou. Having won A1 earlier in the afternoon, the Japanese driver would follow up with a win in A2 to seal the overall at Rd3 of the series. Gary Huang would take the runner up spot as the Xray driver had a difficult A2 but would bounce back to win A3 by a big margin. Having a troubled start to the day, Yugo Nagashima’s day finally turned around as he finished 2nd in both A2 and A3 to take the final step of the podium. Marco Ma would take 4th overall followed by Stick King in 5th. Commenting on his A2, he said it was easier than expected as the challenge from Gary failed to materialize. For A3 he tried a change of body, going from the DBX to the Hellcat but it wasn’t any better, and in the end contact with a backmarker ended his run as it pulled the right front corner of his IF14.

Gary explained his issue in A2, pointing at Marco Ma, saying ‘I crashed with my teammate’. He said he was just unlucky, he was following Jin and then they got together. Regarding his car and his A3 win, he said it is still easy to drive and so was able to win without a problem and he will not change anything if the conditions remain the same for Rd4 of the series tomorrow.

Describing his run today as ‘no good’, Yugo Nagashima is finding the conditions very challenging and is having a hard time to find the right setup on his new Serpent X20. He has it set to push because he says if he adds any more steering it will traction roll. Asked what he can change on his car to prevent this, he replied ‘I have no idea what to change’. Having run well in free practice on Friday, he said ‘today the traction is too high now’.

Having looked set for a podium finish, a rather disappointed Marco Ma struggled in A2 after contact with Huang and could only manage 4th in A3, putting his problems down to clipping the track’s rather high curbs too much. Feeling he has always struggled on this track in the past, for tomorrow he will regroup and aim for a podium finish.

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