November 17, 2019

Nagashima opens up Rd4 of OneTen Series with TQ run

A new day and finally a new name at the top of the results sheet, with Yugo Nagashima topping Q1 at the 4th round of the OneTen Series presented by Infinity at the AMA in Guangzhou. The Serpent driver led home Jin Sawada, who had headed the times up until an incident midway through the run where he had to avoid a crashed car on the main straight. Taking 3rd Gary Huang was less than happy with his car today due to the increase in traction overnight, while 4th went to young Marco Ma with the Serpent of Hong Kong driver Stick King rounding out the top 5. Asked about his run Yugo said, ‘the car is so so’, before going on to explain that the traction had increased since yesterday but thanks to a number of changes to his Serpent X20, including a different chassis and some major setup changes as well as reverting to a Turismo body from Protoform, had made the car slightly easier to drive but was still nowhere near where he wants it.

Winner of yesterday’s 3rd round of the series, Infinity driver Jin Sawada was leading the opening round of qualifying before he had to take avoiding action for Minhao Lao who had crashed out of the infield into the path of the Japanese driver on the main straight, the resulting half spin and trip off the racing line resulting in nearly 2 seconds lost on that lap and some dirty tires for the following lap. Another to talk about the higher traction, Jin said he has left his car the same as yesterday but only added more glue to the side of the front tires to try and avoid traction rolling his IF14.

Despite getting third for the round, Xray driver Gary Huang declared himself ‘not happy’ with his run and his car despite not crashing, however, he felt he was not able to push his T4’19 at all for fear of rolling it. For the next run, the Chinese driver will try an aluminium chassis plate in a hope to make the car safer to drive.

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