November 17, 2019

Sawada completes perfect weekend at AMA

Again it wasn’t as straight forward as he would have liked but Jin Sawada has taken the win at Rd4 of the OneTen Series presented by Infinity this afternoon in Guangzhou. Pushed very hard at the start by Yugo Nagashima, the Serpent driver made contact with the pole sitter on lap 7 which allowed Gary Huang to jump into the lead, which he held for 6 laps before being passed again by Jin, the Chinese Xray driver eventually coming home in 3rd having crashed later in the race. Stick King would take 4th with Marco Ma and fellow Xray driver Minhao Lao completing the top 6. ‘The car was very difficult at the start’ explained Sawada which he said was the cause of the first mistake which caused Yugo, who was following closely behind, to tag the back of his IF14 just before the straight. Yugo waited and this allowed Huang through into the lead, the contact also causing the Infinity driver’s body to tuck but quick thinking saw him drive over the dots to untuck the body. Once back on track he could catch and easily pass Gary and pull out an unassailable lead to take the win and maintain his perfect scoring record in this year’s series.

Yugo explained the contact as simply a racing incident, the Serpent driver having caught Jin very quickly at the start and when he made a mistake Yugo had nowhere to go and they touched. Back in 3rd when Gary Huang crashed ahead of him, once back up into 2nd the Japanese ace set about catching Sawada but acknowledged that his rival was cruising for the final 3 minutes. Feeling his car was again very difficult to drive this was in part due to the traction increasing once more and his decision to use his 1-run tires in the final.

Taking advantage of the mistake of those ahead of him Huang dived to the front of the field as the lead pair tripped over each other but seeing Sawada catch him so fast he just let him by and tried to hold on for 2nd spot. However, on lap 16 the Xray driver clipped a dot coming onto the straight and lost position to the following Nagashima. He would fall back further to 4th behind Stick King later on the 8-minute final but would be able to recover to 3rd by the end and complete the podium.

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