January 5, 2020

Round 6 starts with first qualifier to Nagashima

Having dominated proceedings yesterday in round 5 of the OneTen Series, Yugo Nagashima made his intentions of a double known early as he took the opening qualifier here at RCI V2. Although kept honest by the following JJ Wang, the American was just not able to match the pace of the Serpent driver and ended up 7 tenths back in the 4-minute encounter. Rocket Zhang was once again the best of the rest as Serpent continue to have a good showing here in Shanghai, with Motor King and Gary Huang completing the top 5 for the round in the Infinity Modified class. Continuing to use the setup he trialed in the last main yesterday evening, Yugo also said that he rebuilt the diff on his Serpent as he found the one he was using was leaking. Asked about the track conditions today he mention that the track feels more free, giving the car a better feeling of rotation in the corners.

Wang continues to be missing something in the setup of his Xray T4 2020 but concedes that it could be just tire prep. Apart from that the US driver said it was pretty close between the pair with them both running similar lap times. Feeling that Yugo starts the qualifier better each time, JJ thinks that this is causing him to have to play the chasing game and ultimately puts it down to who has the better rhythm on track.

Pleased with the new prototype chassis on his Serpent, Rocket Zhang declared his first qualifier as ‘not bad’, despite feeling that the traction is ‘not so high’. Switching from a carbon to an aluminium chassis plate last night he said the car works fine, with just a little push but he could adjust his driving style to compensate. Also feeling that the car is loose in the first minute and then comes in, Rocket will change the springs to see if he can make the setup work with the aluminium chassis better, but declared the change as making the tire performance more consistent throughout the run.

The opening qualifier for the Sweep Stock class went AI Luo, driving an Awesomatix chassis. Winner yesterday in round 5 of the series, Simon Wang would end the qualifier in 2nd place just 2 tenths back, with Heng in 3rd and Masaaki Kiyoyi in 4th, the top 4 covered by 0.55 seconds over 4 minutes.

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