March 30, 2019

Nicholas Lee打破Sobue的壟斷在PYC奪得TQ | Nicholas Lee breaks Sobue’s streak to TQ at PYC

Nicholas Lee在PYC奪得TQ頭銜,他繼第二輪預賽勝出後,第三輪再下一城,領先2秒完賽。複製了自己在第二輪的成功,這位Yokomo車手又一次力壓Sobue與Rheinard,拿下自己本賽季的首個桿位;這也是本賽季Sobue第一次失去TQ。Jin Sawada、Meen Vejrak和黃揆笙全部按照發車順序完賽,這也將是他們在今天下午的三輪4分鐘決賽中的發車排位。「終於,不再是Akio贏下每一輪了」,Nicholas在比賽結束後高興地說道。使用新胎下地,他說這是最後一刻的決定,因為Akio也在最後關頭換上了新胎來爭奪TQ,新加坡人必須跟進。認為自己的BD9狀態極佳,他說,「起步時的差距還不明顯,但比賽末段車子真的非常好」。

Nicholas Lee has taken the TQ spot here at PYC having taken the 3rd and final round of qualifying by over 2 seconds. The result was a repeat of Q2 as the Yokomo driver again headed Sobue and Rheinard, giving the Singaporean his first pole position of the season and the first by anyone other than Akio. Jin Sawada, Meen Vejrak and Gary Huang all finished in the same place as they had in the Q2 and that would be how they start this afternoons 4-minute triple A-mains. ‘Finally Akio didn’t win every round’ was what a happy Nicholas Lee said when asked about his run. Running on new tires, he described the decision as last minute as Akio had also changed last minute and with the two of them in the hunt for the TQ, the Singaporean followed suit. Describing his BD9 as really good, he said ‘in the beginning it was close but by the end it was really good’.


Sobue for the first time will start a OneTen series final not from pole position, the Infinity driver describing his new set of tires as ‘slower than before’. Making a late decision and gamble to change tires just before the last heat it didn’t pay off as he was headed early on by Lee and unable to answer the Singaporean’s pace. Saying his car wanted to spin out when on power he also admitted that track conditions have changed and is generally slower than this morning. Looking to the final he said he will try the tire one more time.

Marc Rheinard將從第三位發車參加他的首次OneTen決賽,這位Infinity再一次未能殺入前兩名,儘管他的單圈是本輪第二快。「沒有任何機會去挑戰用新胎的人」,他繼續說道,「但我知道自己沒有機會,所以我全力以赴保住自己第三的排位」。只使用了三套限定胎中的一套,他是排名前列的車手中唯一手握兩套新胎的,德國人總結說,「我希望我前面的人鬥起來,我可以趁勢超車」。

Marc Rheinard will begin his first OneTen final from 3rd, the Infinity driver once again unable to break into the top 2, despite having the 2nd fastest lap of that round. ‘No chance against the guys with new tires’ continuing ‘but I knew I had no chance, it was all about protecting my 3rd on the grid’. Having only run one of his allocated 3 sets in qualifying, he is the only front runner with 2 sets still left, the German concluding ‘I hope the guys up front have a good battle and I can just go by’.

第四和第五又一次是Jin Sawada與Meen Vejrak,黃揆笙與Kenrick Fong獲得第六與第七;這個成績讓後者、本地Yokomo車手順利殺入A組,排名第九。

Fourth and fifth once again went to Jin Sawada and Meen Vejrak, with Gary Huang and an improved Kenrick Fong completing the top 7, enough for the local Yokomo driver to pop himself onto the A-main grid in 9th.

在Stock組中,Jan Ratheisky已經在第二輪提前鎖定TQ,保持了自己的賽季完美戰績;Yan Cheung以1秒的優勢拿下第三輪預賽,這讓即將開始的決賽變得懸念叢生,兩位選手一整天的成績都沒有相差超過1秒。Samson Chau獲得這一輪的第三,他將在決賽中從第四位發車,位居Derek Yuen之後;Angus Leung排名第五。

In the Stock class, with Jan Ratheisky already sealing the TQ after Q2 and keeping his perfect qualifying record intact, it was Yan Cheung who would take Q3 by 1 second in front of the German driver to set up an interesting final as the pair have been separated by no more than a second all day. While Samson Chau would claim 3rd in Q3, he will start from 4th on the grid behind Derek Yuen in 3rd with Angus Leung again completing the top 5.

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March 30, 2019

Nicholas Lee勝出第二輪預賽 | Nicholas Lee tops Q2

Nicholas Lee在PYC勝出第二輪預賽,這位Yokomo車手以0.005秒的優勢在本輪力壓第一輪的TQ Akio Sobue。在Sobue之後是他的Infinity隊友Marc Rheinard與Jin Sawada;前者是本輪最後一位跑進27圈的選手。在他們之後,Vejrak終於找到了節奏,拿下第五,僅落後Jin一秒。黃揆笙、Charlee P和Kenrick Fong分獲第五至第八名。在賽後採訪Lee,他簡單地回應說,「我只是開得更好」;他也指出自己的車子沒有其他車手衰減得那麼明顯,這個優勢讓他能在兩輪預賽的尾段迅速地接近對手們。對於第三輪也是最後一輪預賽,新加坡人不準備對他的BD9做任何調整;兩輪好成績在手,他可以全力衝刺TQ了。

Nicholas Lee has taken the 2nd round of qualifying at PYC, the Yokomo driver taking it by just .005 of a second in front of Q1 pace setter Akio Sobue. Behind Sobue, his Infinity team mates Marc Rheinard and Jin Sawada were next up, the former being the last driver to get a 27 lap in the round. Behind, Vejrak finally found some pace and would take 5th only less that a second behind Jin, with Gary Huang, Charlee P and Kenrick Fong completing the top 7 for the round. Speaking to Lee following the run he said he simply ‘drove better’, and also pointed out that his car doesn’t fade as much as the others in his heat, a fact shown by his ability to close on those ahead of him at the end of both heats so far. For the 3rd and final qualifier the Singaporean doesn’t plan any changes to his BD9 and with 2 good runs in the books, is now free to push for the TQ.

迅速回應說他「犯了一個錯」,Akio Sobue在比賽末尾有一個失誤,他在領先的情況下準備超過黃揆笙時出錯。日本車手滑出了行車線,車殼也一度卡住。輪胎沾灰以後,他在接下去的兩圈里都失去了一些抓地力,讓Nico順利超過了他。

Quick to point out that he had ‘one time mistake’, Akio Sobue had a bobble near the end of the run while leading as he came up on Gary Huang who had clipped a curb. A mistake by the closely following Japanese driver saw him slide off line while his body momentarily tucked. Picking up dirt on his tires it saw him have less traction for the next 2 laps which was enough to allow Nico get to the front.

Marc Rheinard再一次拿下第三,他說自己的IF14在這一輪有所改善,他調寬了車頭以防止前輪過溫。他準備在第三輪預賽前調整自己的後滾動中心。德國人在這一輪結束時誤以為比賽已經結束,過早停車,讓最後一圈損失了約一秒。

Marc Rheinard was again 3rd saying his IF14 was a little better this run, having made changes to the front to stop overheating the front tires. Planning to change his rear roll centres for Q3, the German also lost around a second at the end of the run believing he was already finished and slowed on what was his final lap.

Jin Sawada又一次獲得第四,但距離前三,特別是相比頭車的差距縮短了很多,只有不到3秒。Meen Vejrak有所進步,拿下第五,這位Yokomo/Scorpion車手身後是Xray車手黃揆笙。

Jin Sawada would be 4th once again, however the gap to the top 3 and in particular the leader being much closer this time around, some 3 seconds compared to 8 seconds in Q1. Meen Vejrak improved to take 5th for the run, the Yokomo/Scorpion driver finishing in front of Xray driver Gary Huang in 6th.

在Stock組中,Jan Ratheisky再度勝出,僅比本地車手Yan Cheung快了一秒多。前八名車手全部按照發車順序依次完賽,Derek Yuen、Samson Chau與Angus Leung分別名列本輪第三至第五。

The stock class remained Jan Ratheisky’s as the German once again took the round, by just over a second in front of local racer Yan Cheung. All the way down to 8th place remained in the same order as in the opening qualifier with Derek Yuen, Samson Chau and Angus Leung rounding out the top 5 once again.

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March 30, 2019

Akio Sobue在PYC拿下首輪預賽 | Akio Sobue takes opening qualifier at PYC

在系列賽的倒數第二站中,Akio Sobue在PYC拿下首輪預賽。這位Infinity車手的隊友Marc Rheinard在起步階段非常強勢,但最終日本人爬到了頭位。德國人的車在賽事末段有明顯的衰減,最終被Yokomo車手Nicholas Lee超過,僅獲本輪第三。Jin Sawada是前四名中的第三台IF14;Serpent車手Naoki Akiyama獲得本輪第五,他比頭車慢了約8秒。在廣州加冕總冠軍的Sobue說,「我第一輪表現OK,但是太多轉向了,差點就要掉頭了。」他繼續解釋說因為賽會規定在塗Sweep公發胎水前必須使用清潔劑擦拭輪胎,所以比賽開始階段的車架抓地力會很強。跑了幾分鐘後,這個問題就有改善,他的車就「更容易跑了」。

Akio Sobue has headed the opening round of qualifying at PYC for the penultimate round of the series in Hong Kong. The Infinity driver made his way to the top of the times after his team mate Marc Rheinard had started strongly. The German faded near the end and was eventually passed by Yokomo’s Nicholas Lee who took 2nd for the round. Jin Sawada would make it 3 IF14s in the top 4, with Serpent driver Naoki Akiyama completing the top 5 some 8 seconds back from the pace setter. Newly crowned champion Sobue said ‘Rd1 was OK but too much steering, I almost spin’, explaining further that due to the rule of needing to clean your tires with brake cleaner before applying the handout Sweep additive had meant there was a lot more traction at the beginning. Once his car had run some minutes it improved and his car was ‘easier to drive’

Nicholas Lee在本輪以第二名完賽,他將這一輪形容為「安全完賽」,這位Yokomo車手希望拿到一個好分數,以防可能出現的降雨。他認為如果自己的操控更加激進一些,那就有可能在6分鐘的比賽末段追上Sobue,但其實「前三名在最後非常接近」。問及下一輪的計劃,新加坡車手說他不準備改變任何設定。

Nicholas Lee would end the run in 2nd place describing it as a ‘safe run’, the Yokomo driver wants to bank a good run due to the threat of rain. Feeling that if he had driven harder he could have been closer to Sobue at the end of the 6 minutes but the ‘top 3 was very close at the end’. Asked if he planned any changes for the 2nd qualifier the Singapore driver said he would leave the car as is.

拿下第三名,在比賽開始階段領跑的Marc Rheinard說他這一輪的開局非常好,但快結束的時候車子變得很推頭,他說自己需要想辦法避免前輪過溫。打算進一步將設定向對於Sobue靠攏,他將在第二輪把車子的前輪距調寬。這一站的預賽總成績按照三取二的方式確定。

Taking 3rd, having lead at the start Marc Rheinard said his run started really good but began to push near the end and so he said he needs to find a way to stop overheating the front tires. Planning to move more towards the setup of his team mate Sobue, he will make the car wider on the front for the 2nd qualifier, drivers getting 3 rounds today with 2 to count.

Jin Sawada獲得第四名,他也說車子在起步階段OK,但數分鐘後開始變慢。與Marc一樣,他也會將車頭調寬,讓車子在賽事末段不那麼推頭。本輪第五是另一位系列賽新人Naoki Akiyama,他駕駛Serpent參賽。這位日本車手本週末的機械師是Felix Law。Meen Vejrak、Vincent Tsu與Charlee Phuitiyotin分獲本輪第六至第八名。

Jin Sawada would finish in 4th place also saying that at the beginning the car was ok but after some minutes started to get slow. Just like Marc, he too will try to run a wider front for Q2 in a hope to have the car push less later in the run. Completing the top 5, another series debutant Naoki Akiyama took his Serpent to 5th, the Japanese driver having Felix Law as mechanic this weekend. Meen Vejrak, Vincent Tse and Charlee Phutiyotin completed the top 8.

Jan Ratheisky贏下Scorpion Stock組別的首輪預賽。德國人剛剛經歷了長途旅行,上週末比完加拿大全國賽後,僅在家裡待了24小時,他就再度啓程,飛往香港。這位Xray車手僅領先一秒衝線,他在第一圈抓翻,因為他沒有測試過新胎,未能適應新胎過多的抓地力。這位新加冕的系列賽總冠軍非常喜歡這條賽道,他說場地極其平整,這讓他能夠順利從上週末的地毯賽操控手感過度到室外瀝青賽道需要的手感。Jan本賽季最大的對手、香港車手Yan Cheung獲得本輪第二,這位Mugen車手比另一位本地車手Derek Yuen快4秒完賽。Samson Chau與Angus Leung分獲第四與第五名。

Jan Ratheisky has taken the opening round of qualifying in the Scorpion stock class, the German travelling the furthest to be here having last weekend competed in the Canadian Nationals and spending only 24 hours at home before flying on to Hong Kong. The Xray driver was quickest by just over 1 second, having rolled his car on the opening lap having not previously tested with new tires and being caught out by the extra traction. The newly crowned series champion was very happy with the track, saying the super smooth surface has helped him with his transition from last weekend’s carpet racing to asphalt this weekend. Just behind, his season long closest rival Yan Cheung from Hong Kong took 2nd, the Mugen driver in turn just under 4 seconds ahead of another local driver Derek Yuen. Samson Chau and Angus Leung completed the top 5 for the round.

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March 30, 2019

賽道聚焦 | Track Focus – PYC, Hong Kong


第一次到香港參賽的Infinity車手Marc Rheinard非常喜歡這條賽道,他說,「賽道的尺寸非常適合電車賽事,路線設計也很好。賽道非常平,沒有任何起伏。」問及超車點,這位三屆世界冠軍回應道,「直路尾可能可以超車」。直路的尾端是一個很急的右彎,整條賽道的左側最高,向右漸漸傾斜。

Located, like all of Hong Kong’s outdoor tracks in the New Territories close to the border with China, PYC is the oldest surviving track in the country, having been opened nearly 20 years ago. Just earlier this month the track received all new asphalt ahead of the OneTen series season finale and looks really good, with the drivers all complimenting the new surface. Like most tracks in Hong Kong, the facility is scattered with pit rooms for the local drivers as well as a small hobby shop and the usual amenities needed to run a successful RC track.

First time racing in Hong Kong Infinity driver Marc Rheinard likes the track very much, saying ‘it’s a good size of track for EP Racing with a good layout’, continuing ‘it’s super flat with no bumps’. Asked about passing opportunities, the 3 time TC World Champion replied ‘at the end of the straight you can maybe pass’ referring to the double apex entry on the back straight which features a tight right hander at the end, the entire track sloping from its highest point on the left side.

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March 20, 2019

OneTen系列賽季終站的競爭趨於白熱化 | Ultra competitive field for OneTen season finale

更多國際級車手確認出戰即將舉行的由Infinity冠名的OneTen系列賽第七與第八站,比賽將於3月30日至31日在剛剛重新鋪設了賽道路面的PYC賽車場舉行。繼早前公佈的Marc Rheinard和Meen Vejrak之後,系列賽的數位常規國際賽員也相繼確認參賽,包括剛剛問鼎總冠軍的Infinity車手Akio Sobue和Xray車手Jan Ratheisky。這兩位車手將力爭在OneTen系列賽的首個賽季創造完美戰績;截至目前,他們分別拿下了Modified和Stock組的全部TQ與分站冠軍。Akio的隊友Jin Sawada也將繼續參賽,加上Marc Rheinard,日本品牌的陣容空前強大。另一個日本品牌——YOKOMO也將排出系列賽迄今為止最強的陣容,Nicholas Lee不僅將於Meen Vejrak並肩作戰,另一位超快的泰國車手Charlee Phutiyotin也會出現在PYC。Ratheisky則將再一次與他的隊友——全國冠軍黃揆笙攜手。更多比賽及賽程信息請點擊此處查詢。第7站與第8站比賽的報名已經開始,與其他輪次一樣,比賽人數限定為100人。

For rounds 7 & 8 of the OneTen Series presented by Infinity, we are pleased to confirm more international drivers for the event to be held on the newly resurfaced PYC track on March 30th to 31st. Having already confirmed Marc Rheinard and Meen Vejrak we can also confirm our season regulars, including both of our newly crowned season champions. Akio Sobue for Infinity and Jan Ratheisky for Xray will both be aiming to complete this inaugural season with a perfect score in both the Modified and Stock classes respectively having TQ’d and won all rounds to date. Akio will be once again joined by his Infinity team mate Jin Sawada, who along with the addition of Rheinard makes for a very strong showing from the Japanese brand. Another Japanese brand, this time Yokomo, will also see their strongest team to date with Nicholas Lee joined by not only Meen Vejrak but also his super quick Thai team mate Charlee Phutiyotin. Rathiesky will once again head the Xray challenge, joined as always by Chinese National Champion Gary Huang. More information about this round(s) of the series can be found here, while entry for rounds 7 & 8, which like all rounds is limited to 100 entries, is open here.