November 16, 2019

Jin Sawada takes pole position at OneTen Rd3

Jin Sawada is the top qualifier for the 3rd round of the OneTen series in Guangzhou having taken the first 2 rounds of qualifying, however, it was Gary Huang who will start just behind the Infinity driver, that put in the fastest run of the day on his way to taking the 3rd and final round of qualifying. Behind the lead pair, it was Yugo Nagashima who finally put in a better run in the 3rd qualifier after two difficult runs prior to that point but will have to work his way through the field, set to start from 5th. Just ahead it is the Xray pairing of Marco Ma and Minhao Lao who will start the triple 4-minute mains from 3rd and 4th on the grid. ‘Maximum danger’ was how Jin described his final run, the Japanese driver crashing in the center of the track having caught one of the dots. Looking to the final Jin said it won’t be easy to run without mistakes but even if he makes a mistake it will difficult for those behind to make a pass due to the height of the curbs.

Putting in the only 29 lap run of qualifying, Huang was pleased with his car saying that it always had the pace but this time he didn’t make any mistakes. Saving a fresh set of tires for the final, the Xray driver mentioned that the tires drop off quite a lot after a few runs but having set his fastest run on 4-run tires he attributes it to the higher traction combined with the lower grip of the tires making the car actually easier to drive. Closer to Jin than he has been at any stage during the past season and a half, Gary says he will push hard in the finals and go for the win.

Starting 3rd will be local young gun Marco Ma, the Xray driver having a difficult end to qualifying but is well-positioned to pick up the pieces should the lead pair come together. Teammate Minhao Lao will start from 4th on the grid with Serpent driver Yugo Nagashima finally overcoming a difficult start to qualifying, where he broke a servo and stripped a spur gear, to start 5th.

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November 16, 2019

First qualifier in Guangzhou goes to Sawada

The opening round of qualifying for the 3rd round of the OneTen Series presented by Infinity has been completed and it was Jin Sawada, winner of the opening two rounds of the series in Shanghai that was again fastest following the first qualifier. A low turnout at AMA, in 2nd place it was Chinese National champion Gary Hunag in 2nd with two up and coming Chinese Xray racers Marco Ma and Minhao Lao in 3rd and 4th respectively. Yugo Nakashima and Stick King both had problems in their heat with both suffering servo failures, the former during the run and the latter before the 6 minutes even started. Speaking to Sawada, the Infinity driver described the run as super difficult, comparing the ultra-high traction to that of teammate Akio Sobue’s home track back in Japan. Not a fan of the conditions, he said that just a tiny input on the transmitter resulted in huge steering, admitting that it was super difficult to complete the 6 minutes without a mistake.

Ending up in 2nd place, Gary Huang had the pace to compete with Sawada, but admitted to making two many mistakes, 3-times in total. Making a mistake early in the run, he was catching Sawada before the next mistake knocked him out of contention. Not planning any change to his Xray chassis, Gary running the 2019 version of the T4 chassis for the last time this weekend before receiving his 2020 T4 next week at the SIGP, his aim is to focus on his driving. Feeling that traction changed a lot between yesterday’s free practice and today’s race, he felt that yesterday the track was much easier.

Another Xray driver in 3rd, young Marco Ma had made a change to the roll center prior to his run which had the opposite effect of what they hoped and instead saif his car suffered too much from traction roll. Reverting back to his previous setting ahead of Q2, Marco said he also needs more track time, having been too busy in school recently has meant he hasn’t had much running ahead of this race.

Another to have been focussed on school recently and so missed on runnings, Minhao ‘Alfred’ Lao was struggling even more with traction roll and he and his father will make some changes to the car’s suspension to try and reduce it for the next round. Zhu Min Jiang completed the top 5.

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November 16, 2019

Track Focus – Amazing Indoor Arena

賽事 | Name – 2019/20 OneTen Series Rd3 & 4
承辦方 | Host – Amazing Indoor Arena (AMA)
地點 | Location – Guangzhou
行駛方向 | Direction – Clockwise
路面 | Surface – Asphalt

Originally intended to take place in Hong Kong, rounds 3 and 4 of the OneTen Series presented by Infinity made the late switch to the Amazing Indoor Arena in Guangzhou due to the ongoing situation in Hong Kong. Located in an industrial zone on the east side of the main city, the AMA was opened in 2017 and is one of the country’s premier racing facilities. As the name suggests this is an indoor track that features a perfectly smooth asphalt surface and currently has a very fast flowing layout, with quick modified lap times in the mid 12 to 13 seconds. The facility has a large well-stocked hobby store, air-conditioned private pit rooms as well as general open pitting area, with all racers at this event deciding to work out of the large air-conditioned pit area.

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November 8, 2019

Sawada領銜OneTen廣州站強大車手陣容 | Sawada leads competitive field at OneTen rounds 3 & 4

由Infinity冠名的2019/20賽季OneTen系列賽即將於11月16日-17日在廣州AMA賽車場開啓第二個比賽週末,OneTen賽會非常高興地宣佈數位大牌車手已經確認參加第三站與第四站的比賽。本賽季前兩站Modified組別的冠軍Jin Sawada再度代表Infinity車隊出戰,他將力爭延續自己的不敗戰績。廣州本地選手黃揆笙將作為Xray的頭號車手參賽,回到自己熟悉的場地,這位現任中國全國冠軍將會展現出比上海RCI室內地毯場更好的狀態。Serpent在自家主場派出了強大的車手陣容,頭號車手Yugo Nagashima將從日本飛抵參賽,Stick King也會從香港前來廣州。他們都將力爭比在第一、第二站表現出色的隊友張方洲在領獎台上更進一步,為Serpent新車拿下賽季首勝。更多新賽季的信息可以點擊此處獲取,網上報名請點擊此處,您也可以前往AMA直接報名。

With the second stop of the 2019/20 OneTen Series presented by Infinity set to take place next weekend (November 16-17) at the Amazing Indoor Arena in Guangzhou, the organisers are very pleased to announce some big name drivers set to attend rounds 3 & 4 of the series. Winner of the opening two rounds, and current points leader in the Modified class, Jin Sawada will once again head the Infinity team’s challenge as he aims to extend his perfect scoring record as the series heads south. Guangzhou native, and current Chinese national champion, Gary Huang will be Xray’s lead driver at AMA as he returns to his preferred track surface having struggled somewhat on carpet at the opening round at RCI in Shanghai. Serpent have made a big push for what is essentially their home event with lead driver Yugo Nagashima making the trip from Japan to join Stick King from Hong Kong as they aim to go one place better than team mate Rocket Zhang achieved in Rd1 & 2 of the series and get a first win for the Chinese brand with their all new car. More information on the event can be found here and entry for all classes, Modified, Stock and FWD can be submitted here or directly with the Amazing Indoor Arena.

November 5, 2019

OneTen系列賽下半賽季場地調整 | Venue reshuffle for second half of OneTen Series


第1站與第2站 – RCI V2,上海(室內地毯)
第3站與第4站 – AMA,廣州(室內瀝青)
第5站與第6站 – RCI V2,上海(室內地毯)
第7站與第8站 – 飛騰賽車場,廣州(室外瀝青)

With the continuing uncertainty in Hong Kong, which already forced the relocation of Rounds 3 & 4 of the OneTen series to AMA in Guangzhou, which takes place next weekend (November 16-17), series organisers have once again had to make changes to the remaining rounds of the championship. Set to originally host the 5th and 6th round of the series, Feiteng Raceway in Guangzhou will now play host to the season finale on March 14-15, while for Rounds 5 & 6 the championship is set to return to RCI in Shanghai on January 4-5. We are very thankful to the tracks, partners and the racers for their understanding in this matter and we look forward to seeing you all at the track.

Updated Calendar
Rounds 1 & 2 – RCI V2, Shanghai (Carpet)
Date: October 19-20, 2019
Rounds 3 & 4 – AMA, Guangzhou (Indoor Asphalt)
Date: November 16-17, 2019
Rounds 5 & 6 – RCI V2, Shanghai (Carpet)
Date: January 4-5, 2020
Rounds 7 & 8 – Feiteng Raceway, Guangzhou (Asphalt)
Date: March 14-15, 2020