October 6, 2018

Sobue勝出OneTen預賽第一輪 / OneTen Qualifying Rd1 goes to Sobue

由Infinity冠名的OneTen華人電房系列賽首輪預賽剛剛結束,日本車手Akio Sobue在6分鐘的預賽中位列第一。這位Infinity車手領先同胞及隊友Jin Sawada約5秒完賽,Sobue也是唯一一位在RCI V2高技巧性的小賽道中做出35圈的車手。德國Xray廠車手Jan Ratheisky領先新近簽約Xray的隊友黃揆笙獲得本輪第三名,另一位Xray車手Nicholas Koh拿下第五。
The opening round of qualifying for the Sweep Modified class at the OneTen series presented by Infinity has been completed, the 6 minute run being topped by Japanese driver Akio Sobue. The Infinity driver headed compatriot and team mate Jin Sawada by some 5 seconds with Sobue the only driver to get 35 laps around the technical but short lap at RCI V2. German Xray driver Jan Ratheisky would claim 3rd in front of team mate and newly signed Xray factory driver Gary Huang, with another Xray, that of young Nicholas Koh claiming 5th.

Sobue was very happy with his car in the opening run of the day, two from the 3 rounds of qualifying counting towards a driver’s starting position in this afternoon’s triple mains. Commenting on the 6 minute run he reported no issues and plans no changes for the next round.

全日本冠軍Jin Sawada認為自己的車架有些問題,儘管他照抄了Akio的設定,但車架的表現不盡人意。在前4分鐘,車子幾乎是漂移過彎;但隨著比賽的進行,情況逐漸有所改善。隊友Akio將幫Jin組裝一套避震以期在第二輪預賽中改善這一狀況。
Japanese National Champion Sawada reported having trouble with his car and despite copying Akio’s setup he felt it was not as good. For the first 4 minutes the car was sliding in the corners but as the race went on the car became better. Team mate Akio will now make his shocks for the 2nd qualifier in the hope of eliminating the issues.

現任ETS Stock及Formula冠軍Jan Ratheisky首次使用Xray T4 2019參賽,他在昨天才剛剛裝好這台車。為了在緊窄的賽道上讓車尾更加靈活,他在設定上過於激進;在第二輪預賽中,他將嘗試另一個「瘋狂」的設定方向來解決車尾太甩的問題,這也將有利於讓他進一步瞭解新車的設定。在Modified組別中僅排名第三,但在Stock組別中Jan以7秒的優勢勝出,車架設定來自於他的ETS標準室內設定,他不準備在第二輪開始前做任何調整。
Current ETS Stock and Formula Champion Jan Ratheisky is running the 2019 spec Xray T4 car for the first time, having only just completed building it yesterday. In an effort to free up the rear of the car for the tight corners he went too far with the change making it too loose in the rear and for Q2 will go a different ‘crazy’ direction with the setup to solve the issue but also to help understand the new car’s setup. While 3rd in Modified, in the Stock class, Jan took the round by 7 seconds using his standard indoor ETS setup and will leave the car unchanged for Q2.

獲得本輪第四的全國冠軍黃揆笙表示自己的Xray T4非常推頭,他使用2018版車架參加本次賽事;在這一輪中,轉向不足的車架讓他多次犯錯。問及下一輪預賽的打算,他說他的機械師郭耀威將會調整前防傾桿來改善轉向問題。
Taking 4th in Modified Chinese National Champion Gary Huang reported no steering on his Xray T4, Gary using the 2018 version of the car for this race, leading to a number of mistakes. Asked about the next qualifier he said he will have his mechanic Gavin change the front sway bar to improve the steering.

Ratheisky拿下Scorpion Stock組別首輪預賽的第一,這個組別中的所有車手都使用Scorpion 13.5T馬達參賽。常駐上海的日本車手Masaaki Kyoyi獲得本輪第二,他同樣使用Xray車架。Kyoyi表示在昨天因為颱風造成的低溫及降雨讓賽道抓地力頗佳,而今天晴朗的天氣讓氣溫回升,也造成了抓地力下降。對於第二輪,他將不會改變任何設定,但會爭取跑得更好。Simon Wang及Heng分獲首輪第三及第四。
While Ratheisky took Q1 of the Scorpion Stock class, all drivers running identical Scorpion 13.5T motors, it was Shanghai based Japanese driver Masaaki Kyoyi that took 2nd. Also driving an Xray he said that with cooler conditions yesterday due to a passing Typhoon, the grip was much higher in free practice, but with conditions much warmer today the traction has dropped. For Q2 he will not change anything but instead focus on improving his driving. Simon Wang and Heng Heng completed the top 4.

點擊此處查看比賽成績 | View complete event results here.

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October 6, 2018

賽道聚焦 Track Focus – RCI V2 Shanghai

賽事 | Name – 2018/19 OneTen Series Rd1 & 2
承辦方 | Host – RCI V2
地點 | Location – 上海 | Shanghai
行駛方向 | Direction – 逆時針 | Counter Clockwise
路面 | Surface – 地毯 | Carpet

由Infinity冠名的OneTen華人電房系列賽在世界聞名的RCI V2賽車場正式拉開帷幕,第一輪及第二輪賽事將分別於本週六及周日舉行。5年前建成的RCI V2賽車場坐落於上海西南區域,賽道由著名的ETS地毯鋪就,使用賽道分隔欄,彎道區域還額外放置了路碟。與其他著名的亞洲賽道一樣,RCI V2在二樓設有可供租用的空調維修間,一樓處則是一個品類齊全的遙控車店鋪和公共維修間。緊鄰RCI V2賽車場的是同樣舉辦過多場國際賽事的SMP越野賽車場,在兩個車場的一側是數間遙控店鋪及模型公司。

The opening leg of the 2018/19 OneTen Series presented by Infinity kicks off at the World famous RCI V2 in Shanghai with rounds 1 and 2 of the series run across Saturday and Sunday. Built 5 years ago, RCI V2 is located south west of Shanghai and this indoor track features ETS carpet with boards and dots used for corners and track separation. As is common in Asian tracks the facility has rented air conditioned pit boxes upstairs overlooking the track as well as a fully stocked hobby shop at the entrance next to the pit room. Next door is the SMP Offroad track, which like its onroad counterpart has hosted a number of international races in the past, and joining both tracks together are buildings containing a number of RC shops and RC related offices.

逆時針行駛的賽道路線,其Modified組別單圈成績在10.5秒左右。TITC冠軍Akio Sobue表示他很喜歡這個賽道路線,但直路尾顛簸的路面讓他很難找到穩定的走線切入緊接著直路尾彎道的S彎,而且大直路行車線外側的灰塵也讓車手容易在直路尾衝過頭或者遇到推頭的情況。另外,日本王牌還提到車手們需要小心賽道護欄的問題,撞車時很容易讓車翻到另一根賽道上。

Run in an anti clockwise direction, the layout is one that has been used previously with fastest lap times in Modified in the mid 10-second range. Asked his thoughts on the track, TITC champion Akio Sobue replied that he liked the layout but that bumps at the end of the straight made it difficult to take a consistent line through the chicane which follows directly after. Combined with dust on the outside edge of the straight and it is very easy to overshoot the corner or just as easily suffer oversteer. Another point is the use of boards in the corners which the Japanese ace pointed out that if you touch them will send you bouncing across to the other side of the track.

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September 7, 2018

頂級廠車手確認參加OneTen系列賽前兩輪 / Top Factory names confirmed for OneTen Series Rd1&2

由Infinity冠名的OneTen華人電房系列賽賽會榮幸地宣佈數位世界頂尖車手已經確定參加本賽季的前兩輪賽事。定於10月6-7日在上海RCI V2室內地毯場舉行的第一與第二輪比賽已經吸引到了眾多本地高手,而將與他們同場競技的國際級車手包括TITC冠軍Akio Sobue和他的Infinity隊友、全日本冠軍Jin Sawada。從德國遠道而來的現任ETS Stock組冠軍Jan Ratheisky將代表Xray參加Mod與Stock兩個組別的比賽,將與他並肩作戰的隊友是連續四次蟬聯全國冠軍的黃揆笙。來自新加坡的Nicholas Lee已經是中國賽事的常客,他將率領Yokomo車隊出戰OneTen系列賽。所有廠車手都會在現場隨時為賽員們提供技術支持。完整的賽季日程安排及更多信息可以點擊此處查看,報名通道現已正式開啓,您可以點擊此處在線報名。

The organisers of the new OneTen Series presented by Infinity are delighted to announce the confirmation of a number of top factory drivers for the opening double header of the championship. Set to be held at the awesome RCI V2 Indoor carpet track in Shanghai on October 6-7, joining the top regional and local racers in attendance will be TITC Champion Akio Sobue who will be joined by his Infinity team mate and current Japanese National Champion Jin Sawada. All the way from Germany, current ETS Pro Stock Champion Jan Ratheisky will be representing Xray in both Mod and Stock and will be joined by his team mate, multiple Chinese National Champion Gary Huang. From Singapore Nicholas Lee, who is no stranger to racing in China, will lead the Yokomo factory effort and all these drivers will be on hand to provide technical support for those in attendance. More information about this and all future rounds of the series can be found here and entry for rounds 1 & 2 is now open here.

August 23, 2018

OneTen系列赛启用一周双赛制 / OneTen Series set for double headers

由Infinity冠名的OneTen華人電房系列賽賽會正式公佈2018/19賽季的全新賽制。本賽季的比賽將於今年10月至明年3月在四個車場分別舉行,每個車場都將舉辦2輪分站賽。有別於傳統的貫穿整個週末的賽程,我們為分別在週六和周日舉行的兩輪分站賽特別引入了不同的賽制。週六的比賽將聚焦於長達6分鐘的預賽和三輪4分鐘的決賽。周日的預賽時間變短,但輪次更多;決賽則變為8分鐘的單輪決賽,同時設有晉級機制。賽會希望這樣的賽制能夠激勵賽員們在每一站比賽中採用不同的戰術,包括車架設定與操控方式等。同時,連賽兩場能夠給賽員們多一次機會爭取更好的積分。聯賽總排名選取8輪比賽中最好的5輪積分進行計算;每個週末兩輪比賽的排名相加,每個組別排名前20位的車手都會獲得獎杯。每一輪比賽限定報名人數為100名。第一輪和第二輪比賽將於10月6日-7日在上海RCI V2賽車場舉行,報名通道現已正式開啓,您可以點擊此處在線報名也可以聯繫RCI V2直接報名。

The organisers of the OneTen series presented by Infinity are delighted to announce our timetable for the 2018/19 season. With the series run at 4 different locations between October and March, each venue will play host to two rounds of the championship. Aiming to get away from the traditional race format played out over a weekend, we have introduced a new schedule that sees both the Saturday and Sunday rounds run to different formats. Saturday will see a focus on longer qualifiers of 6 minutes and short 4 minute triple finals while Sunday has shorter qualifiers, but more of them, and a single 8 minute main, incorporating bump ups. The organisers hope that this will encourage different approaches to each round in terms of setup and driving while the double header allows each racer two chances to get a good result. For the series, 5 of the 8 rounds count towards the final standings, however trophies will be presented to the top 20 in each class based on a driver’s combined result from both days. Entry for each event will be limited to 100 across both classes and is now open for round 1 at RCI V2 in Shanghai on October 6-7. You can submit your entry by clicking here or by contacting RCI V2 direct.

August 22, 2018

OneTen系列赛收官战新日期 / New date for OneTen Series final

由於比賽日程安排衝突的原因,OneTen系列賽賽會決定將在香港Twin RC Speedway舉行的最後兩輪比賽延遲一周舉行,新的比賽日期為2019年3月30日至31日。


第一站 – RCI V2, 上海 (室內地毯)
日期: 2018年10月6至7日
地址: 上海市閔行區光華路68號
第二站 – TRC, 香港 (室外瀝青)
日期: 2018年12月1至2日
地址: 香港元朗大棠山路大棠荔枝山莊 DD117 Lot1475
第三站 – 飛騰賽車場, 廣州 (室外瀝青)
日期: 2019年1月12至13日
地址: 廣州市荔灣區橋中中路179號
第四站 – Twin RC Speedway, 香港 (室外瀝青)
日期: 2019年3月30至31日
地址: 香港新界元朗錦田大江埔村江大路214號 DD109 Lot956RP

Due to a calendar clash OneTen Series organisers have had to re schedule the final race of the series at Twin RC Speedway in Hong Kong to a week later and will now take take place on the 30-31st of March 2019.

The full race calendar is now as follows.

Rounds 1 & 2 – RCI V2, Shanghai (Carpet)
Date: October 6-7, 2018
Rounds 3 & 4 – TRC, Hong Kong (Asphalt)
Date: December 1-2, 2018
Rounds 5 & 6 – Feiteng Raceway, Guangzhou (Asphalt)
Date: January 12-13, 2019
Rounds 7 & 8 – Twin RC Speedway, Hong Kong (Asphalt)
Date: March 30-31, 2019

June 4, 2018

Scorpion成為OneTen系列賽官方動力供應商 / Scorpion to power the OneTen series

在2018/19賽季由Infinity冠名的OneTen華人電房系列賽即將開啓之際,OneTen賽會極為高興地宣佈Scorpion Power System成為本賽季Stock組別的公發馬達供應商。這個競爭極其激烈的組別將使用香港頂級品牌出品的13.5T馬達,而這種黑金配色的馬達也可以在包括ETS在內的世界各大系列事中見到。OneTen系列賽的首站將於10月6-7日(新日期)在上海RCI V2賽車場舉行;緊接著於今年十二月初在香港舉辦第二站,之後再於次年一月移師廣州舉行第三站比賽;最後一站將在三月回歸香港,收官整個賽季。Scorpion公發馬達可以在每一站比賽時買到,每位首次參賽的選手可以特價購買一顆公發馬達。


The organisers of the 2018/19 OneTen Series presented by Infinity are extremely pleased to announce Scorpion Power System as the official supplier of handout motors for the Stock class. This highly competitive class will be run with identical 13.5T motors from this well respected Hong Kong based brand, joining other well known race series around the World such as the ETS to run the famous gold and black power plants. The OneTen series kicks off on in Shanghai at RCI V2 on October 6-7 before going to Hong Kong in December for round 2, then on to Guangzhou in January for round 3 and ending back in Hong Kong in March. Scorpion handout motors will be available at each event with each entrant to the Stock class receiving one with their first entry.

More information, along with details on how to enter, can be found here.