December 2, 2018

Sobue在香港拿下第四站首輪預賽 | Sobue opens up Rd4 in Hong Kong with TQ

由Infinity冠名的OneTen系列賽第四站於今天上午正式開跑,在一輪控制練習後,緊接著將進行4輪4分鐘的預賽來確定今天下午8分鐘單輪決賽的發車排位。Akio Sobue再一次成為所有選手的標桿,跑出首輪預賽的最快單圈成績並領先自己的兩位隊友Andy Moore與Jin Sawada約3秒完賽。Hay Lai駕駛Xpress獲得本輪第四,Serpent車手Felix Law是倒數第二組最快的選手,排名本輪第五。在第一輪預賽使用新胎的Sobue知道他必須安全地跑出一個好成績,因為Nicholas Lee這一輪使用的是舊胎;賽會限定每位車手在整個週末只能使用5套輪胎,而Yokomo廠車手比他多省下了一套新胎。使用與昨天同樣設定的IF14下地,Akio和他的所有對手一樣都在實施輪胎策略,每個人都想為單輪8分鐘的決賽省下一套新胎。

Round 4 of the OneTen series presented by Infinity kicked off early this morning with one round of controlled practice followed by the first of 4 rounds of 4 minute qualifiers which will determine the grid for this afternoon’s single 8-minute A-main. Akio Sobue was again the pace setter this morning, running the fastest lap of the first rounds of qualifying to take a 3 seconds advantage over Infinity team mates Andy Moore and Jin Sawada. Hay Lai would take 4th for the round driving his Xpress with Serpent driver Felix Law fastest of those running in the 2nd fastest heat, in 5th. Running on new tires for Q1 Sobue knew that with Nicholas Lee on old tires he had to put in a safe run, the Yokomo driver having saved one more of the 5 allocated tires than the Japanese driver. Continuing to run his Infinity IF14 unchanged since yesterday, Akio, like all his competitors, are now playing the tire strategy game with all drivers expected to keep one new set for the single 8 minute main.

Andy Moore拿下本輪第二,和他的兩位隊友一樣,他也使用了新胎;不過他的輪胎比隊友多跑了2圈,因為這是他在昨天最後一輪決賽中使用的輪胎,當時他很快就壞車退賽。他將自己本輪的表現簡單總結為「乾淨的一輪」,他認為自己還是沒有Akio快,但已經接近了。這位前世界冠軍希望車架能有更多的轉向,他說關鍵在於不要過分激進地操控車架進而讓輪胎有過溫的風險;今天上午,TRC的天氣非常炎熱。隊友Jin Sawada做出了和他幾乎一樣的成績,兩位車手的差距僅有0.011秒。

Taking 2nd for the round Andy Moore, like his two team mates was on new tires, however the British driver’s tires had 2 laps on them from yesterday’s 3rd A-main before he was taken out. Putting in what he described as simply ‘a clean run’ he feels he doesn’t have the same speed as Akio but is close. Still looking for more steering, the former World Champion said the key is to not overdrive the car and risk overheating the tires, conditions at TRC very hot this morning. Team mate Sawada put in an almost identical run to his team mate, the pair separated by just 11 thousandths of a second.

Xpress車手Hay Lai獲得本輪第四,但他抱怨賽前等候其他車手上場的時間過長,以至於他的輪胎溫度降得過多。儘管如此,他第四名的成績依舊力壓他的香港同胞Felix Law、Kowk Ching Lung、Carven Chow和Fai Ho。Nicholas Lee使用舊胎,僅獲得第九名。

Xpress driver Hay Lai took 4th for this round, but complained that he had to wait too long before other drivers in the top heat put their cars down on track and felt his tires had cooled too much. Despite this, his 4th for the round placed him ahead of fellow Hong Kong drivers Felix Law, Kwok Ching Lung and Carven Chow with Fai Ho completing the top 8. Nicholas Lee on used tires was 9th.

Sweep Modified Qualifying Rd1 – Video


在Stock組別中,Jan Ratheisky延續了昨天奪冠的狀態,他在首輪預賽中依靠穩健的發揮勝出,但領先優勢僅有0.5秒。駕駛Mugen參賽的Yan Cheung獲得第二名,他全程緊逼德國選手,同時做出本來最快單圈。第三名Derek Yuen在昨天發揮欠佳,未能進入A組,但今天他只比本輪TQ慢了1秒;Jimmy So和CY Leung分獲第四與第五。

In the Stock class, Jan Ratheisky continued where he left off in Rd3 of the Championship yesterday by taking the opening round of qualifying with his Xray with a very consistent run that saw him take it by the very narrow margin of half of a second. Runner up yesterday Yan Cheung, driving a Mugen, pushed the German all the way, setting the fastest lap of the round in the process. 3rd place went to Derek Yuen, who had a difficult day yesterday, not making the main, but was just one second off TQ in the opening round, with Jimmy So and CY Leung completing the top 5.

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December 1, 2018

Sawada漁翁得利收穫亞軍 | Sawada gifted runner up spot

受益於Ratheisky和Lee在倒數第二圈的碰撞事故,Jin Sawada進而鎖定由Infinity冠名的OneTen系列賽第三站比賽的亞軍。在Sobue再一次絕塵而去的情況下,三位車手又一次互相緊跟,Lee位居第二,其後是Sawada和Ratheisky。二車和三車的一次輕微碰撞讓位於四車的Jan在進入直路時大大縮短了和前車的距離。來到直路尾衝下來的彎道處,Ratheisky成功超過Jin,但超過日本車手的德國人剎車不及,撞到了Lee並導致新加坡車手掉頭。接下去的混戰中,Jin率先衝線,Lee跌落至第四名,尽管Jan一度停下來將自己的位置讓回給這兩位車手。這一輪完賽排名讓Jin鎖定亞軍位置,Nicholas Lee屈居第三。

Jin Sawada has secured the runner up spot at Rd3 of the OneTen series presented by Infinity following a racing incident between Ratheisky and Lee on the 2nd last lap. Running closely together, as Sobue ran away with the win again, Lee sat in 2nd ahead of Sawada and Ratheisky. A light touch on the 2nd last lap between the 2nd and 3rd placed drivers allowed 4th place Jan to close considerably going on to the straight. Coming into the corner at the end of the straight, Jan managed to pass Jin, but having got passed the Japanese driver the German couldn’t slow his Xray in time and turned around Lee. The following melee saw Jan come out in 2nd and Lee drop back to 4th but despite Jan slowing to let the pair back through the change of positions meant the Infinity driver secured the runner up spot and Nicholas was to end up 3rd overall.

Sweep Modified A-main Leg 3 – Video


Sweep Modified A-main Overall & Leg 3 – Results

在Stock組別中,Ratheisky選擇作壁上觀A組的最後一輪決賽,Yan Cheung駕駛他的Mugen統治了這一輪,幫助自己拿下系列賽第三站的亞軍。CY Leung雖然獲得這一輪決賽的第二,但卻是Jimmy So最終獲得了Stock組別的季軍。

In the stock class, Ratheisky sat out the final A-main and so Yan Cheung could dominate the final leg with his Mugen and confirm his runner up spot overall for Rd3 of the series. CY Leung would take 2nd for the leg, but it was Jimmy So that took the final step on the podium overall.

Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 3 – Video


Scorpion Stock A-main Overall & Leg 3 – Results

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December 1, 2018

Sobue与Ratheisky胜出OneTen系列赛第三轮 | Sobue & Ratheisky take overall wins at OneTen Series Rd3

日本車手Akio Sobuey贏得了由Infinity冠名的OneTen系列賽第三輪比賽Modified組別的冠軍。與第一輪決賽一樣,這位Infinity車手與由Nicholas Lee領銜的後車集團拉開了明顯的距離。前四位車手按照發車時的順序互相追趕,Andy Moore首先撞車,他和其他車手一樣在進直路處的那個不著名路肩上切翻,提前退賽。Nicholas Lee繼續領跑又一次三車追逐戰,這一次是Jin Sawada與Jan Ratheisky追在身後。Jin一直守住了自己的位置,知道他的一顆軸承發生故障,迫使其退賽。

Japanese driver Akio Sobue has wrapped up the overall Modified victory in Rd3 of the OneTen Series presented by Infinity. In a repeat of the opening leg of the triple mains, the Infinity driver was able to pull clear of the chasing pack, lead by Nicholas Lee. The top 4 running in the same order as they started, it was Andy Moore who cracked first, crashing out on the now infamous main straight kerb, retiring on the spot. Nicholas Lee lead another 3 way battle, this time with Jin Sawada and Jan Ratheisky following behind. Jin was holding position until a main shaft bearing on his IF14 failed causing him to strip his spur gear and putting him out.

Jin的退賽讓Jan追到了Lee身後,從第六位發車的德國人做出了整場比賽第二快的單圈。儘管沒有像第一輪一樣激進,但他依舊不斷給新加坡人施加壓力,只是他並沒有追近到足夠超車的距離,儘管他只落後Nicholas 0.3秒衝線。Awesomatix車手Fai Ho獲得本輪第四,落後Jan約5秒。Hay Lai獲得第五。

His retirement let Jan get up the back of Lee, the German putting in the 2nd fastest lap of the race to get there, having started 6th. While not as aggressive as in A1 he pushed the Singaporean hard but didn’t get close enough to make a move despite finishing the race only 3 tenths back. Awesomatix driver Fai Ho would take 4th, some 5 seconds back, leading Hay Lai to the line who completed the top half of field.

Sweep Modified A-main Leg 2 – Video


Sweep Modified A-main Leg 2 – Results

與Modified組別的情況一樣,Jan提前將冠軍獎杯收入囊中。這一輪他全程被Yan Cheung緊逼,後者做出整場比賽的Stoke組別最快單圈。使用舊胎的Ratheisky最終領先香港人僅僅0.3秒衝線。Jimmy So、Angus Leung和Joey Chan分獲第三至第五。

Just as in Modified, Jan wrapped up the win early, this time he was pushed all the way by Yan Cheung, who set the fastest lap of the race. Ratheisky who was on old tires was kept honest by the Hong Kong driver and was only 3 tenths back at the end of the 4 minutes. Jimmy So, Angus Leung and Joey Chan completed the top 5.

Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 2 – Video


Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 2 – Results

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December 1, 2018

第一輪決賽的勝利屬於Sobue與Ratheisky | A1 wins for Sobue & Ratheisky

在香港TRC進行的第一輪決賽中,Infinity車手Akio Sobue以顯著的優勢率先衝線。這位日本車手在比賽初期擋住了第二位發車的Nicholas Lee的進攻,並為自己建立起了一定的領先優勢,並持續擴大優勢直至完賽。之後,Nicholas放棄了進攻的意圖,但在進入直路時犯錯,很快被後車集團吞沒,跌落至最後一名。這位Yokomo車手一度追回至第8名,但又一次發生失誤後他選擇了提前退賽以保護輪胎。

The opening A-main at TRC in Hong Kong has seen a clear win for Infinity driver Akio Sobue. The Japanese driver defended an early attempt by 2nd placed starter Nicholas Lee and was able to build an early lead, which would never be headed. Behind, Nicholas Lee gave chase but made a mistake coming onto the straight and was swallowed by the following pack dropping him to last. The Yokomo driver would get back up to eight but following another mistake pulled up to save his car and tires.

從第二圈開始,第三名的爭奪就異常激烈;Lee撞車以後,Jin Sawada、Andy Moore和狀態大有進步的Jan Ratheisky為第二名展開了精彩的追逐戰。在之後的比賽中,Andy發起了數次試探性的進攻,但都沒有成功超越Jin;Jin在這一輪明顯快了很多。Jan在最後兩圈發起了全力衝刺,將三台車的差距縮緊到同一個彎,但這位Xray車手在最後一圈進入直路時切翻並撞上了直路的圍欄,最終依靠非常慢的最後一圈鎖定第四。三位Infinity車手包攬了本輪前三位。

From the 2nd lap there was a battle on for initially 3rd, but after Lee’s crash it was a battle for 2nd between Jin Sawada, Andy Moore and a much improved Jan Ratheisky. Going on for the remainder of the race Andy made a few half attempts on Jin but couldn’t find a way passed, the following drivers much quicker than the Japanese driver. Jan would push really hard on the final 2 laps and close the gap until the trio could be covered by a blanket, but coming onto the straight on the last lap the Xray driver did what so many others had done before him and hit the kerb on the start of the straight away which launched him into the wall. With the following pack already finished he would be classified 4th, while up front Infinity would take the top 3 positions.

Sweep Modified A-main Leg 1 – Video


Sweep Modified A-main Leg 1 – Results

在Scorpion Stock組別中,狀態明顯回升的Jan Ratheisky表現出了一貫的強勢,早早就拋離了後車集團。他的Xray車架在TRC的泛光燈下有顯而易見的進步,只差0.8秒就要跑進14圈。Yan Cheung在第一圈試圖抓住機會超越德國人,但空檔太小,最終他發生失誤,排名跌落至第五;之後他追回到第二名衝線,Angus Leung獲得第三,James Lee和Jimmy So分獲第四與第五。

In the Scorpion Stock class, again a much improved Jan Ratheisky did what he is best known for and checked out early in the race, his Xray chassis looking visibly much better around the TRC track under the floodlights, almost breaking into the 14 second lap barrier, just 8 hundredths off. Behind it was Yan Cheung, who had made an opportunistic move on the German on the first lap which dropped him down the order to 5th from where he recovered back to 2nd ahead of Angus Leung in 3rd, with James Lee and Jimmy So completing the Top 5.

Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 1 – Video


Scorpion Stock A-main Leg 1 – Results

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December 1, 2018

Akio Sobue在TRC奪得桿位 | Akio Sobue to start out front at TRC

Akio Sobue將會在今晚三輪4分鐘的決賽中從桿位發車,他在第三輪預賽中再次位居成績表頭名。Nicholas Lee在本輪落後Andy Moore完賽,以第三名的成績鞏固了自己預賽第二的排位;英國車手則憑借本輪的出色表現最終排名預賽第四。Jin Sawada排名預賽第三,Fai Ho和Jan Ratheisky分列第五與第六。Sobue認為賽道現在的抓地力已經比之前好了很多,Infinity整個車隊都選擇了使用全新的Sweep公發輪胎。展望決賽,日本車手打算再用一套新胎,他說自己的車架現在不再有明顯的衰減問題了。

Akio Sobue will start this evening’s 4 minute triple A-mains at Rd3 of the OneTen series presented by Infinity from pole position having returned to the top of the timing sheets in Q3. Nicholas Lee consolidated his 2nd place starting position with 3rd behind Andy Moore in Q3, the British driver having a good run to move him up to 4th overall. Jin Sawada will set off from 3rd, with Fai Ho and Jan Ratheisky completing the top 6. Sobue felt that the traction on track was now better than before and like his whole team decided to use new Sweep rubber. Looking to the finals, the Japanese driver expects that he will use one more new set saying that his car now feels not so different from the beginning to the end.


Lee, who topped Q2, was pleased with the changes made to his car, remarking that he was on used tires while the Infinity team were all on new. Keeping the active rear toe system for the finals he plans to tweak the setup further and make additional changes as the later finals will be run under floodlights.

Jin Sawada又一次翻車,這一次失誤讓他損失了6秒鐘,因為他不得不等待助手的救援。不過前兩輪連續兩個第三名的完賽成績依舊讓他保住了預賽第三的排位。Andy Moore發揮出了開賽至今最好的狀態,拿下本輪第二,同時將自己的預賽排位提升至第四。他感覺自己的暖胎時間不夠,相比隊友們過早得將賽車放上跑道,因此影響到了成績。他認為自己的IF14性能均衡,只是輪胎抓地力不足,在最後一輪預賽開始前他降低了前滾動中心,但也同時使用了新胎,所以他不確定成績的提升應該歸功於設定調整還是輪胎。

Jin Sawada once again had a roll over, this time costing him 6 seconds as he had to be marshalled but based on his two 3rd places from the first two qualifiers will start from 3rd overall. Andy Moore, put in his best run to claim 2nd for the round and will start 4th, feeling his lack of pace compared to his team mates has been tire prep, believing he needs more time to heat to tires prior to putting his car down on track. Saying that the balance of his IF14 was good, there just wasn’t enough grip, for the final qualifier he tried lowered front roll centres which maybe gave him more steering but running on new tires, was unsure if that improvement was from the tires or the changes made.

Fai Ho殺入A組前五,不過他在第三輪預賽中表現一般;他將在決賽中排在Jan Ratheisky和Carven Chow之前起步,Hay Lai、Simon Yeung和King Fong是其餘三位進入Sweep Modified A組的選手。

Fai Ho will complete the top half of the A-main grid, having a difficult run in Q3, he will start just ahead of Jan Ratheisky and Carven Chow with Hay Lai, Simon Yeung and King Fong completing the Sweep Modified A-main grid.

在Stock組別中,Jan已經提前奪得TQ,不過他依舊勝出了第三輪預賽。Yan Cheung在本輪再獲第二,確保了自己預賽總排名第二;CY、Angus Leung和Jimmy So分別排名第三至第五。

In Stock, while Jan had already sealed the pole position in Q2, he would take the 3rd round as well to make it a clean sweep in qualifying. Yan Cheung was again 2nd and will start 2nd overall with CY, Angus Leung and Jimmy So completing the top 5.

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December 1, 2018

Nicholas Lee拿下第二輪預賽 | Q2 in Hong Kong goes to Lee

Nicholas Lee賭對了輪胎策略,在TRC拿下第二輪預賽。Akio Sobue獲得第二名,他的隊友Jin Sawada再次拿下第三。Fai Ho進一步提升自己的排名,獲得本輪第四,另一位香港車手Carven Chow位居第五。Yokomo車手Nicholas在第二輪中使用了全新的輪胎,而他的對手們都選擇了舊胎;每位車手在週末兩天的比賽中只允許使用最多5套Sweep公發輪胎。新加坡人認為這條賽道並不容易超車,所以他需要確保自己至少在決賽中排在Sawada之前,從第二位發車;因此他必須要做出第二個優異的完賽成績。感覺自己的BD9過於穩定,他打算在第三輪也是最後一輪預賽中嘗試新設定以獲取更多轉向,他將會為自己的Yokomo車架安裝一套ARS。

Nicholas Lee took round 2 of qualifying at TRC following a gamble with tires which paid off. Akio Sobue would end up in 2nd for the round followed by his Infinity team mate Jin Sawada in 3rd and Fai Ho again putting in a good run to claim fourth while fellow Hong Kong driver Carven Chow was 5th. Yokomo driver Lee decided to run new tires in Q2 as his competitors decided for used tires, each driver only allowed 5 sets of handout Sweep tires for the entire race weekend. Knowing he needed a 2nd good run to start at least in 2nd position for the triple mains later today, the Singaporean remarked that the track is not easy to pass on so he wanted to ensure he would at least start ahead of Sawada. Feeling that his BD9 was too stable, for the 3rd and final qualifier he will look for more steering, installing the rear active toe option on his Yokomo.


Sobue, had a carbon copy of his Q1 incident as he again lost the IF14 as he came onto the straight and once again it corrected itself, landing back on its wheels allowing the Japanese driver to continue. Quick to remark that Nico was on new tires while he was on used, he also commented that the gap between the pair before the incident was not very big considering the 2nd run drop off in performance of the tires. Still undecided as to whether he will use a new set for Q3 or try a 3rd run on his current set, he will make the decision closer to the start of the next qualifier.


Struggling with his car and making a mistake in Q1, Sawada ran his tires also for a second time and this time making no mistakes was closer to his team mate. Having not made any changes to the car since the start of qualifying the Japanese driver said ‘the car is good but old tires not good’.

再次在本地車手中稱雄,Fai Ho將他使用Scorpion動力的Awesomatix推上了第四位,僅比Sawada慢一秒完賽,不過他領先Carven Chow也只有0.4秒。Andy Moore獲得本輪第六,King Fong獲得第七,Simon Yeung第八,Jan Ratheisky發揮不佳獲得第九,Chan Chau Man名列第十。

Once again best of the non international drivers Fai Ho took his Scorpion powered Awesomatix to 4th, less than a second back on Sawada and only just ahead of Carven Chow, who was less than 4 tenths back. Andy Moore would end the round 6th fastest with King Fong 7th, Simon Yeung 8th, a struggling Jan Ratheisky in 9th and Chan Chau Man in 10th.

Ratheisky在Stock組中的運氣很好,提前奪得TQ,但他對自己Xray T4的性能和車速都不滿意。使用舊胎的他說自己依然沒有任何抓地力,並在比賽中給更快的Yan Cheung讓了車。不過Yan Cheung自己發生失誤,最終獲得本輪第二。CY拿下第三,Angus Leung和Jimmy So分列第四和第五,前五位車手在6分鐘內的完賽成績相差不超過3秒。

Fortunes were better for Ratheisky in Stock, the German wrapping up the TQ, but was not happy with the car and also with the speed of his Xray T4. Running on used tires, he said he had no traction at all and in the run let the faster Yan Cheung passed but still took the round following mistakes for Cheung who would take 2nd. CY was 3rd, with Angus Leung and Jimmy So 4th and 5th respectively, the top 5 covered by just over 3 seconds after 6 minutes.

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